Wumps MeatShield - 8.2.5 - One Button PROT

Forewarning, this GSE Macro is EARLY DAYS. I literally just made it as I was unhappy with other macros and I’m leveling up a warrior. Please note I would LOVE feedback, but please be nice, I know this may suck for you, i’m only level 85 currently on this guy but I think i’ve made it and planned it to where it should function even better at higher levels with the last talents I chose. I may have some excess rage in there once those levels are around so i’ll be making some changes as I go.

Version 0.0.2
Update Date: 2019-11-20T08:00:00Z
Update Notes:
Added in additional shield blocks to try to close the gap on it, it now seems to have shield blocks up often enough to be valuable.

Automation Notes:
Firing at 0msec between keys, but with a 20msec hold on the key. That means It will Hold Down the Button for 20 milliseconds and let go then immediately start holding it down again for another 20 milliseconds. This can be achieved in AutoHotkey Easily using the following:

SetKeyDelay, 0, 20

Macro Notes:
The macro casts revenge on modifier (CTRL) this is because Revenge is fantastic to use but not at the cost of other things unless it’s a free cast. As a modifier you can easily hold the modifier down with a mouse button (in AHK you can do something like MOUSE4::CTRL and that will convert mouse button 4 to ctrl instead) and let you easily have Revenge fire off when you want to. I would recommend getting a weakaura that pops up when it’s free).



Usage Information
Tab 1 = Out in the world, contains Intercept in it.
Tab 2 = Dungeons, Raids, etc, Intercept should be manual on this one and be used to help build rage.

This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.23.

  • The Default macro is 1
  • Raids use version 2
  • Normal Dungeons use version 2
  • Heroic Dungeons use version 2
  • Mythic Dungeons use version 2
  • Arenas use version 2
  • Timewalking Dungeons use version 2
  • Mythic+ Dungeons use version 2
  • Open World Parties use version 2

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Last Stand, Victory Rush

KeyPress: Revenge

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Devastate, Demoralizing Shout, Avatar, Shield Block, Ignore Pain, Thunder Clap

KeyRelease: Shockwave, Intercept, Fireblood

Post Macro: Shockwave

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Last Stand, Victory Rush

KeyPress: Revenge

Main Sequence: Shield Slam, Devastate, Demoralizing Shout, Avatar, Shield Block, Ignore Pain, Thunder Clap

KeyRelease: Shockwave

Post Macro: Shockwave


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Some feedback: IP and SB use is very good. Thunder Clap also has very good use during the Avatar window. To min/max this macro, I would remove CDs, such as Shockwave and Last Stand. Avatar can be shortened through use of BV so having it cast on CD isn’t so bad, unless raiding and/or pushing mythics.

It would be nice to somehow have Revenge incorporated, but as a single-target/boss macro, it’s good. :slight_smile:

Revenge is incorporated. /cast [mod:ctrl] Revenge and shown in the first post is the KeyPress Revenge. Revenge is pretty much impossible to auto cast and maintain a functional rotation as it then kills your shield blocks and your ignore pain. I can remove the shockwave and last stand from the raid rotation and make them manual. Shockwave is in the macro due to Rumbling Earth making it pretty nice with on cooldown casting. As i often am fighting >3 mobs it makes it cast very often. Increases survivability, but i get your reasoning.

Any other further updates that you have worked on this one or is still good to go

share you script please

Guess this thread is dead

Hi Whump,

Thanks for the macro I gotta say I find it does far better aoe dps than alot of other macros I have tried, sitting at 427 ilvl at the moment holding around 40k sustained dmg in most pulls of 4 or more mobs haven’t tried to push any high keys with it yet been doing mostly 9s but I am eager to once I gear up a little more.

I added avatar to a modifier while I am working on my perfection essence so I have more control on it for larger packs and I also removed last stand from the sequence for more control moments as well but that just my preference I think it works just as well with them in

Thanks again :slight_smile:

It was complete for the patch i released it for and it didn’t need changes. Others wanted flavor changes but that does not require me to rewrite it for them, they can do that themselves, hence the lack of edit lock on it. I have been away. No one needs your commentary :slight_smile:

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