ww 6.0 pve lazy macro

/castsequence jab, jab,Tiger Palm,Blackout Kick,jab,jab,Tiger Palm,Rising Sun Kick,jab,jab,Tiger Palm,Tiger Palm,Blackout Kick,jab,jab,Tiger Palm,!Rising Sun Kick,
/use !Expel Harm
/use !Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger
/use !touch of karma
/use !chi wave
/use !spinning crane kick
/use !chi brew
/use !touch of death
/use [mod] energizing brew

584 WW monk pulled about 9k DPS

What is max DPS right with out it or is the macro ok

I’m a 545 WW and pull 7.7k without a macro so that should give you some form of baseline

can u try the macro and tell me what your dps is please so i know about where i stand

I’m about to update it more

To give some idea of where your macro stands;

My DPS without macro i am running about 13-14k average sustained 16k burst (Large CD’s) and 14-15k high sustained (minor CD’s)

From what i understand that seems about average-above average DPS for my ilvl talking to the other guys in my guild, i dont have another WW at my ilvl to compare with though. I compared myself to a rogue of the same ilvl who said he was able to have an average sustained about 15k.


If theres anyone around a similar ilvl id love to know what sort of numbers you are pulling. it seems to be a subject noone wants to talk about.