Xero's Storm Enh (10.2) Last Update 18FEB2024

would u possbly message me in game and maybe come see what im doing wrong?

Lava Burst isn’t supposed to be given, so why is it in talents?

I mean you can take it out and put it someplace else. Nothing really game changing though to put it in.

Hey i just tryed the macro im like 380 ilvl but im only pulling like 25k single but i sim for like 60k idk maybe im usung it wring or simthing any input would help

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I’ve tried 3-4 other GSE macros but this one feels the best so far. Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your hard work with the rest of us. I honestly just wasn’t feeling the Shaman until I used your macros. Now I love it! Thank you!!

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Hello Xero.

Your macro is pretty good! I’m enjoying it! thank you. I had a heart transplant some time ago and I shake violently sometime and it’s hard to retain focus when my medicine is giving me bad side effects. this helps me keep up with my friends.

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Sorry I have not played in a few months and went back to my Pally. Are you still having issues?

Thanks so much, I just aimed to make an ease of use macro that did the majority of the work. Glad its working well for others.

Glad it is working well for you. Hopefully not much will change in t
he next patch, I dont plan on playing shammy right away going back to pally.

Yesi an i actually had to dtop playing it coukdnt find a good macro

sorry to hear that, shame i missed your first message

Ok thats small world. i just had my heart transplant in june 2023. ya the shaking sucks somedays.

Turns out I will be continuing my Enh Sham journey into the next raid tier haha. Will start messing with macros and updating the OP. Ive got something viable currently for AOE, but its doing about half the SIM, may get better w 31 piece. Storm still out DPSing the Ele build, may just be better because of how we play with GSE/AHK

can you update the talent tree so i can use your sequence plz and ty

take a look at the macro see what talents he chose !

I got you, forgot they did a rework on the talents.

nah that was my bad, i forgot they reworked all talents. OP now has up to date talents for Storm and Ele.

very nice work, love this macro!. ty for your work.

oops say brother i was goona ask what should i be running this on gse

Yep. And they hotfixed it and broke my 10.2 again lol