Xero's Storm Enh

After using a lot of the macros available which worked but just didn’t hit the sim numbers, at least for me. They just didn’t seem to cast enough of one or the other skills etc. Also doesn’t seem like Enh is a popular spec so not really updated often.

Here is the one I have been using for Mythic+ spamming and raiding into 3/9 Mythic atm. According to the Shaman discord Storm can ignore using CL on 4p proc if you wish. Still testing that myself.

Talents I use:





If there are any issues or improvements you can think of please let me know. I am currently bouncing between Enh Sham and Augvoker.


I am going to give it a try and see how it works out. Thank you for making effort!

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Its working so much better im doing 40k easily with a sim of 42k im not complaining can u help me with a monk one? hahaha jk jk

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Glad its working well. So far its the best I can get.

seems like the lava burst can be a little more some how

Lava Burst isn’t used in the build. You’re welcome to add it in if you wish but per sims its never used. Leading me to believe the dmg isn’t the GCD. Top Image is AOE, bottom is ST.

ok storm strike is supposed to be top lol for some reason lightning bolts going off more then stomstrike by far

you can try to lower the LB in the rotation. SS has always been lower in dmg then what it should be, I am sure that is due to the automation of the spec. IE not hitting procs exactly correct etc.

When I try to copy your build, it says it is from an older version. Can you post a screenshot of the build?

whats the MS ur running that at

Sure next time I am on my shammy today I will. Pretty sure its just the M+ build from wowhead.

250 in the GSE settings.

They macro was working decent, about 25k dps off from sims… Tweeked it some with some added stuff, and performs within about 7k of sims now… Ty for the good work and basis to tweek on some

im not sure what has happend but i was doing around 60k before geared but im back down to like 45-50k geared lol how does that make sense
also ive been trying to tweak it but everytime i do i break it then end up with like 20k dps lol so idk what could be causing me to mess it up

I am noticing it is skipping over steps… not sure if its from gse fixed delay ms or my roccat isku board having a interference

So I forgot to mention it, but I am sure you guys figured it out, you need to constantly be moving so it only uses LB/CL when fully stacked.

can u possibly tell me how much mastery u have>?

but really you want more haste than mastery with Storm build.

hmmm i thought it was more mastery then haste on storm