Yet Another "My Mods Won't Work" Post

I’ve read through all of the “Mods not working” posts I could find and tried a bunch of things but I can’t seem to get mine to work the way I want. If I’m manually clicking (mouse or keyboard) the macro, they work fine; but don’t work when I’m using my Logitech mouse (button programmed to “8” key) and Punchkey. I have no wow modifiers, and even used the newer GSE tool to make sure. Please help!

Whatever you have that is punching keys is not working - you need to fix that and it will all work. Note “8” and “Numpad key 8“ are different keybinds - it may not be your issue but throwing it out there.

You have also proven that it’s not GSE by the fact that the keyboard and mouse clicks are working so not sure why you have posted this as a GSE Issue.

seems to be that Punchkey doesn’t work w/ modifiers. I figured out how to toggle keypress using the Logitech software and it works fine.