Zerg BM Hunter - Mythic+ and Raid [11.02.2023 ] YouTube

When you say 30ms? Are you using another program to trigger the macro for you and if so what?

probably has a gaming mouse or keyboard running it that speed.

could you show the mouse verlocita setting please? i play manually with mouse at 50ms but i press by hand i don’t do automatic
i have it that way by me manually pressing


Just tried to use this today, 1/7/2024. Error: The loadout you are trying to import is out of date. I copy/pasted the B0PAIlFMjeNhnEouGfV8Ij2uS5ACaJAIEAAAAAAAAAAAaEKSolEJkIRSoJEhkQSSEakEB into the Talents Import.

import to wowhead talent calculator then export or just use the most recent wowhead talents

Still the one that works the best for me, im doing insanely more dmg with these macro’s compared to others