Zerg BM Hunter - Mythic+ and Raid [15.01.2023 ]

BM wasn’t changed in the patch. It should work as intended. Maybe the Talent string but the talents themselves are the same. The macro itself should work.

Tested the talents, they import without problem:




Correct, they won’t fix us. Everything is the same.

Any chance could get a discord link

Hi nukester
Did you make any changes in the end to the macro? If so, would you be happy to share it?

Hi Raver,
I messed around a bit, but ended up tweaking my stats with gems and enchants and found a sweet spot. It was an expensive experiment. I found my best dps on several 5-minute dummy tests for each change. Messing with the macro made it worse, so kept with default.

Crit: around 34% or (+20.25)
Haste: around 22% or (+21.61)
Mastery: around 43% or (+27.85)
I have the 4-piece tier set which should be put into consideration as well.

Secondary stats are a real pain. I tried High crit and high master, but my dps tanked. Others it seems to work better. So, who knows. RNG is RNG.

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hello I saw this macro plays on many hunter BM would it be possible to add it?

/c#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast Wake Up
/use Kill Command
/use Bite
/use Claw
/use Smack

Should i use also 150ms on PunchKey version 7 ? Thank you :wink:

Hey Zerg, any reason why this macro is locked, cant change anything in it ???
Just want to move around on some mods, but it wont let me