WoW Armory Forums Profile Feature

I have been researching for a while and trying to figure out how to integrate an easier way to link our main characters from the WoW Armory (at least the ones we play the most) […]

New Moderator Joins WoW Lazy Macros Team!

WoW Lazy Macros is happy to add Michael Lynch to the team. You might know him as Moonsorow on the forums where he has been posting macros to help folks patch after patch.

We are happy […]

WoW Lazy Macros New Design

I forgot to make a post about it due to crazy schedule and real life but here it is.
It has been over a year since we have had a fresh look on the website. So […]

WoW Lazy Macros Evolution 5.1

Due to the changes of the last few patches since the expansion came out, I have been contemplating to do some changes to the style of the macros. I will do my best to keep […]

Introducing Our New Forums Moderator!

WoW Lazy Macros is pleased to introduce our new forums Moderator, @michaeljackson who will be patrolling and helping folks around the forums.

Michael has been helping and creating macros while I have been busy with school […]

1 Year Anniversary Facelift!

Wow, 1 year has passed! I hope everyone likes all the new changes to the website. My main focus is improving readability and functionality, making it easier to navigate within the site. I'm still looking […]

Mage – Fire Update

Finally the weekend is here! So I promised in the forums to give this lazy macro for fire mages a look once I have some time off from school (usually weekends) because I was swarmed […]

Add-On Plugin r10 + Weekly Update

Between school, vacation and the illness I just recover from, I finally have been able to work on some needed updates and have included a few new macros to the site and the add-on plugin.
The […]