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    Not sure what has happend, but the past week my AHK has refused to work with WoW. I have the most current GSSE. iv uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, firewall is turned off.. and now im just out of ideas.

    Script for AHK
    toggle = 0
    #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2
    #ifWinActive World of Warcraft
    Toggle := !Toggle
    While Toggle{
    Send {ctrl}
    sleep 50

    I always have had my ctrl set as the AHK start/stop button and used the 2nd slot on my action bars for the macros. AHK says its running but in game it wont register at all with the any macros that i try. Any ideas on why this is? Iv also looked up Punchkey but cant find it, was it taken down recently?

    any help would be awesome!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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