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  • Elzo van Vulpen
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    So since there are not that many Mistweaver macro’s available i went for it and made this little baby. please note its still a work in progress and i still need to figure out how to add [Essence Font] without channeling to it. but for now it works for me.

    Also please note:
    1. I put [Summon Jade Serpent] on a separate keybind using :
    /cast [@cursor] Summon Jade Serpent Statue

    2. As said [Essence Font] is on a separate keybind for now using:

    which seems to be working for now.

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    Decided to make a functioning mouseover Mistweaver macro that works and wont burn trough mana as quickly.
    I added [@mouseover,channeling: Soothing Mist] to prevent Vivify and Enveloping mist to be cast outside soothing mist making them always instant casts.

    *Note*: put Summon jade statue on a seperate keybinding using: /cast [@cursor] Summon Jade Serpent Statue for ease of use.
    *note* : Also put essence font on a seperate macro (see lazymacro’s for it)

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Sequential

    KeyPress: Soothing Mist, Thunder Focus Tea, Dampen Harm, Renewing Mist

    Main Sequence: Soothing Mist, Vivify, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist

    Elzo van Vulpen
    Post count: 21

    Did a few Mythics and 2 raids with this macro today and have to say i love it!
    pulled 10.2k hps (spot1) on Zul with just 320 gear. can anyone test this with higher gear plz.

    also i decided to remove the /stopcasting on [Essence font] while raiding.

    Post count: 21

    What ms are u running this?

    Elzo van Vulpen
    Post count: 21

    0ms to be honest just using it as a manual mouseover in combinatin with healbot.

    First Sergeant
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    I tested this macro, not bad 22k HPS in Mythic Uldir (370ilvl geared) and compare to my own macro runs similars output meter.

    I removed Dampen Harm from the macro as moved into a standalone “Oh Crap” Macro contain Dampen Harm, Healthstone, Forifying Brew. Everything runs very good and I also have 2 different macros for Essence Font and Revival using my Logitech g502 keybinded.

    I used /cast [@player] Summon Jade Serpent Statue in PreMacro section automatically set down Jade Serpent Statue everytime i get into combat.

    Elzo van Vulpen
    Post count: 21

    good to hear the high HPS and thanks for the tips! as soon as i have time and im making a new version ill surely incorporate them into the new version 🙂

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