Direbrew Mistweaver macro

So since there are not that many Mistweaver macro’s available i went for it and made this little baby. please note its still a work in progress and i still need to figure out how to add [Essence Font] without channeling to it. but for now it works for me.

Also please note:

  1. I put [Summon Jade Serpent] on a separate keybind using :
    /cast [@cursor] Summon Jade Serpent Statue

  2. As said [Essence Font] is on a separate keybind for now using:

/cast Essence Font

which seems to be working for now.

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Decided to make a functioning mouseover Mistweaver macro that works and wont burn trough mana as quickly.
I added [@mouseover,channeling: Soothing Mist] to prevent Vivify and Enveloping mist to be cast outside soothing mist making them always instant casts.

Note: put Summon jade statue on a seperate keybinding using: /cast [@cursor] Summon Jade Serpent Statue for ease of use.
note : Also put essence font on a seperate macro (see lazymacro’s for it)

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Soothing Mist, Thunder Focus Tea, Dampen Harm, Renewing Mist

Main Sequence: Soothing Mist, Vivify, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist

Did a few Mythics and 2 raids with this macro today and have to say i love it!
pulled 10.2k hps (spot1) on Zul with just 320 gear. can anyone test this with higher gear plz.

also i decided to remove the /stopcasting on [Essence font] while raiding.

What ms are u running this?

0ms to be honest just using it as a manual mouseover in combinatin with healbot.


I tested this macro, not bad 22k HPS in Mythic Uldir (370ilvl geared) and compare to my own macro runs similars output meter.

I removed Dampen Harm from the macro as moved into a standalone “Oh Crap” Macro contain Dampen Harm, Healthstone, Forifying Brew. Everything runs very good and I also have 2 different macros for Essence Font and Revival using my Logitech g502 keybinded.

I used /cast [@player] Summon Jade Serpent Statue in PreMacro section automatically set down Jade Serpent Statue everytime i get into combat.

good to hear the high HPS and thanks for the tips! as soon as i have time and im making a new version ill surely incorporate them into the new version :slight_smile:

nice one, still testing it, what is happening is when i switch targets, the macro start casting vivify without the Soothing mist, wierd.

the macro solves my drink does not come from :frowning:

Is EM clipping SM for you guys as well?
Seems to be doing it only in raid for some odd reason.

It starts casting SM but clips it with either Vivify or EM.
When I mouseover myself it cast as it should.

im currently using healbot as klickable unitframes (srry old user of healbot so havnt tried it with others but using

/target [@mouseover,help]
/click [button:2] MW_ST RightButton; [button:3] MW_ST MiddleButton; [button:4] MW_ST Button4; [button:5] MW_ST Button5; MW_ST

in the main tab of your macro’s (/m) then binding it to a healbot key solved the problem of not resetting it for me. Hope it helps :wink:

[quote quote=68144]Is EM clipping SM for you guys as well? Seems to be doing it only in raid for some odd reason.
It starts casting SM but clips it with either Vivify or EM. When I mouseover myself it cast as it should.[/quote]

nope didnt notice that yet., but will take a look at it

Can’t figure this one out - seems to work perfectly when i’m not in combat, but the minute I enter a dungeon or raid, it stops working and only casts Renewing Mist. Is it something i’m doing wrong?

  1. you are you using a healbot (kind) of healing bars?
  2. you used the macro earlier in the threat?
    /target [@mouseover,help]
    /click [button:2] MW_ST RightButton; [button:3] MW_ST MiddleButton; [button:4] MW_ST Button4; [button:5] MW_ST Button5; MW_ST