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  • John Q.
    Stone Guard
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    ***Updated 09/27/18***

    Added Prayer of Healing at the end of the Heal casts for greater AoE healing; should burn mana a little quicker and slow down the Holy Word: Salvation reset, but neither should be a huge deal. Let me know if you like this change better.

    ***Updated 08/31/18***

    Very forgiving macro on mana and efficiency; updated talents to Circle of Healing instead of Binding Heal.

    ***End of Updates***

    So simple that even a Marine could use it.

    Been rolling through dungeons with this macro; other than the occasional knucklehead who insists in standing in exploding poop, I never lose anyone.

    *Toggle your spam key (or hold it down if you prefer) over your (friendly) target frame and get busy. You don’t need to click it; just hovering over it will still work fine.
    *Mod + ALT = Holy Word Salvation
    *Mod + Shift = Divine Hymn
    *Auto casts Holy Words Serenity & Sanctify (@ the cursor); I have a non-clickable icon to let me know know when to hover over my target area when Sanctify is about to pop.
    *Gets the Holy Word: Salvation CD down to around 3:40-4:00 mins, which makes it ideal in dungeons/raids.
    *You’ll never need to eat/drink/Innervate (unlike all my other macros).
    *No Renew (other than Holy Word: Salvation); its garbage and not worth a GCD.
    *Haven’t played it in PVP; hopefully, someone will be kind enough to let me know how it works out…


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    This macro is surprisingly good for its simplicity … Ive been healing mythics with it with hardly anyone dying. (Needless to say, if theres lots of movement, theres nothing I can do but spam renew, but thats nothing on the macro).
    Only change I’ve made was cast Sanctify @player because dungeon fights seem to be cramped enough for that to work.
    GJ though. Really enjoying this one.

    John Q.
    Stone Guard
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    Glad you like the macro! Coincidentally, I did the same thing as you, but have not released the newer version yet. Doing what you did works in PVE for the AoE spam; doing it in PVP is a life-saver. 😉


    Elzo van Vulpen
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    this is the kind of macro I was looking for to test my holy priest (actually never played one) and I LOVE it just manually spamming the macro. with healbot as unitframes, got renew bound targeted so I can keep the dps’s full hp all the time 😉

    also note: im binding shift and alt to separate keys because I cant press and click a modifier

    all in all a really good macro


    I tried it for 10 dungeon runs and moved the macro from [character specific] to [general macro] so I can bind it to a mouse click and have to say that works even better! its now:

    Left button: macro
    right button: renew

    Matthew Brewer
    First Sergeant
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    Aside from Holy Ward, which PvP talents do you suggest?

    John Q.
    Stone Guard
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    Thanks for the comments everyone; am glad to hear that you are enjoying using the macro.

    @matthew Brewer I don’t PVP with this macro; I am using the other one that I posted. Having said that, I recommend that you at least take Greater Heal (obviously) and Holy Concentration (you’ll need it; your longer casts get kicked a lot).

    Elzo van Vulpen
    Post count: 32

    I made some minor adjustments to the macro and wanted to share it with you all.

    removed line 1 and 2
    /cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn,@mouseover] Holy Word: Serenity

    placed this on a separate key so you can time it better without to much overhealing

    new key is a normal macro

    #show Holy Word: Serenity
    /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead] Holy Word: Serenity

    added to line 3 in the macro
    /cast [@targettarget,harm,nochanneling:Divine Hymn][@target,harm,nochanneling:Divine Hymn] Holy Word: Chastise
    really just for fun 😉

    still getting really good feedbacks on the heals so the macro really works great

    John Q.
    Stone Guard
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    Each time HW: Sanctify and Serenity pops = 60 secs removed from the 12 minute HW: Salvation timer. Without Sanctify & Serenity, taking HW: Salvation as a talent would be useless; it takes too long to reset.

    With a near-unlimited resource (mana) with this macro, over-healing is a non-issue: if the boss is dead, everyone is still alive, and you have plenty of mana remaining, then….no one got over-healed.

    But I can imagine that having to wait 6+ minutes on an ability that has a 12 minute CD before pull on the final boss would be awkward. Besides….you’ll thank God that you have Serenity and Sanctify in PVP. 😉

    Not sure about why you would mention HW: Chastise; its a damage/stun spell and isnt even in the macro. If you wanted a DPS macro for HPriests, here’s mine:


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    Love your macros John.

    Using this for m+ and it’s doing exceptionally well.

    Really wish you’d make a monk one since monk is so strong right now.

    Keep rockin’

    Jitty Six
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    its now:
    Left button: macro right button: renew

    Do you mean left and right mouse button? Sounds top. How do I do this?

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