HPriest 101

Updated 09/27/18

Added Prayer of Healing at the end of the Heal casts for greater AoE healing; should burn mana a little quicker and slow down the Holy Word: Salvation reset, but neither should be a huge deal. Let me know if you like this change better.

Updated 08/31/18

Very forgiving macro on mana and efficiency; updated talents to Circle of Healing instead of Binding Heal.

End of Updates

So simple that even a Marine could use it.

Been rolling through dungeons with this macro; other than the occasional knucklehead who insists in standing in exploding poop, I never lose anyone.

*Toggle your spam key (or hold it down if you prefer) over your (friendly) target frame and get busy. You don’t need to click it; just hovering over it will still work fine.
*Mod + ALT = Holy Word Salvation
*Mod + Shift = Divine Hymn
*Auto casts Holy Words Serenity & Sanctify (@ the cursor); I have a non-clickable icon to let me know know when to hover over my target area when Sanctify is about to pop.
*Gets the Holy Word: Salvation CD down to around 3:40-4:00 mins, which makes it ideal in dungeons/raids.
*You’ll never need to eat/drink/Innervate (unlike all my other macros).
*No Renew (other than Holy Word: Salvation); its garbage and not worth a GCD.
*Haven’t played it in PVP; hopefully, someone will be kind enough to let me know how it works out…



This macro is surprisingly good for its simplicity … Ive been healing mythics with it with hardly anyone dying. (Needless to say, if theres lots of movement, theres nothing I can do but spam renew, but thats nothing on the macro).
Only change I’ve made was cast Sanctify @player because dungeon fights seem to be cramped enough for that to work.
GJ though. Really enjoying this one.

Glad you like the macro! Coincidentally, I did the same thing as you, but have not released the newer version yet. Doing what you did works in PVE for the AoE spam; doing it in PVP is a life-saver. :wink:


this is the kind of macro I was looking for to test my holy priest (actually never played one) and I LOVE it just manually spamming the macro. with healbot as unitframes, got renew bound targeted so I can keep the dps’s full hp all the time :wink:

also note: im binding shift and alt to separate keys because I cant press and click a modifier

all in all a really good macro


I tried it for 10 dungeon runs and moved the macro from [character specific] to [general macro] so I can bind it to a mouse click and have to say that works even better! its now:

Left button: macro
right button: renew

Aside from Holy Ward, which PvP talents do you suggest?

Thanks for the comments everyone; am glad to hear that you are enjoying using the macro.

@Matthew Brewer I don’t PVP with this macro; I am using the other one that I posted. Having said that, I recommend that you at least take Greater Heal (obviously) and Holy Concentration (you’ll need it; your longer casts get kicked a lot).

I made some minor adjustments to the macro and wanted to share it with you all.

removed line 1 and 2
/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn,@mouseover] Holy Word: Serenity

placed this on a separate key so you can time it better without to much overhealing

new key is a normal macro

#show Holy Word: Serenity
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead] Holy Word: Serenity

added to line 3 in the macro
/cast [@targettarget,harm,nochanneling:Divine Hymn][@target,harm,nochanneling:Divine Hymn] Holy Word: Chastise
really just for fun :wink:

still getting really good feedbacks on the heals so the macro really works great

Each time HW: Sanctify and Serenity pops = 60 secs removed from the 12 minute HW: Salvation timer. Without Sanctify & Serenity, taking HW: Salvation as a talent would be useless; it takes too long to reset.

With a near-unlimited resource (mana) with this macro, over-healing is a non-issue: if the boss is dead, everyone is still alive, and you have plenty of mana remaining, then…no one got over-healed.

But I can imagine that having to wait 6+ minutes on an ability that has a 12 minute CD before pull on the final boss would be awkward. Besides…you’ll thank God that you have Serenity and Sanctify in PVP. :wink:

Not sure about why you would mention HW: Chastise; its a damage/stun spell and isnt even in the macro. If you wanted a DPS macro for HPriests, here’s mine:


Love your macros John.

Using this for m+ and it’s doing exceptionally well.

Really wish you’d make a monk one since monk is so strong right now.

Keep rockin’

[quote quote=65634]its now:
Left button: macro right button: renew[/quote]

Do you mean left and right mouse button? Sounds top. How do I do this?

Hello John. Tried to get hold of you at Discord but yet to see you online.

NEver the less. I have used your “Old Holy” macro, IE not this one, and I find it amazing, untill i changed something I dont remember… now it gets stuck at times, so i will redown load it.
Did M+10 in time easily at 357 ilvl.

Now, today with way better gear, I troed this one it it seams like it just dont have the juice. Idk why, but the FoL is prob needed.

I have some other inputs, suggestions n such, feel happy to ping me at Discord if you ever comes online.

Awesome macros in overall btw, really enjoy. THANK YOU.

Thanks for your comments all; I just updated the macro for more AoE healing. Let me know how it all works out for you.

Managed to import. Gucci flow, I have made some significant changes - Il post them in a new thread and explain some stuff :slight_smile:

HI John Q Which MS for this macro? SPamm or Click??


@Gudwin You can do either; I have mine set to cast while my keybind button is pressed.

Where is the post? :slight_smile:

thanks for the macro…even tho im not a knucklehead(ok ok… maybe sometimes.) or a Marine…(AF) i appreciate your humor…instructions as to how YOU use this and suggest how it works best. so many time thats a matter of …quote…“playstyle”, which i find an oxymoron cuz its nice to have the author of the macro advise on proper way to use his macro to get the results he wrote it for after testing it to find that out. All part of the macro isnt it? Then its up to me to learn that procedure… Gween was great at this… true mentoring. cant wait to try it out.

Hi I use this macro.
My question is what MS is for this macro the best / good?
I use Razor synapse software.
Razor Naga mmo mouse.

Hi John, just installed your macro and I have a question/comment or two.

  1. you say:
    "*Mod + ALT = Holy Word Salvation
    *Mod + Shift = Divine Hymn

But the macro shows Mod+Alt Guardian Spirit

Question, some cast use @player and some @mouseover, any reason you don’t use @mouseover for all?
Circle of Healing and Holy Word: Sanctify use @player
Would Holy Word: Sanctify benefit from using @cursor?
Also, dosen’t @player mean yourself? If so, Circle of Healing will go off at your location instead of melee or tanks location (where ever its most needed), although it has a 30yard range so it could reach other players.

Just like to know as a learning experience (there’s always something to learn)

Thanks for your macro and time,


Thank you for taking the time to address the issues that you raised.

I was tooling around with PVP Ray of Hope + HW: Salvation; I was moving things around. However, it seems that you have a firm enough grasp of macros that you can either change it out for another ability or remove the GS on the alt modifier entirely.

CoH is a ‘placement’ (like hunters’ traps and shamans’ totems); they need to be clicked, aimed, and then activated…a lengthy process but a waste of time if one is not ready/has forgotten about it.

The short story is that @cursor spells generally do not work very well. I find that they do not do well with the @cursor command; the line either gets skipped or I am caught by surprise when those abilities fire off and puts it out in Timbuktu…making the cast useless. So I placed CoH to fire off on myself; doing so seems like the ‘best fit’ scenario. In PVE I stack on the melee/tank for the big AoE heal. In PVP, its an irritating heal that makes it extra difficult to take me down.

Hope that helps. :wink:

–John Q.