0AKHOLY - Basically turns you into a god. (lowercase g) 10.1.5 Updated 9/13/23

hey buddy easy mistake so its a nomod shift alt so for instance crusader strike wont go of if your holding shift OR alt not both together

ty brother i legit just wanted to say thank you but apperently you have to type 20 letters so yh ahhaha

bro its like 3 comments before the update? as more and more people find this amazing macro then he probably will yh

I have pally macros for all specs now and my updates will follow the same as on those.
I will update throughout the thread and when a new version comes, the OP will change to always reflect the newest version.
They use similar layouts to the macro builds as well as similar modifiers. Why? because that’s what works for me…

The way I play, I have the nomods built in so when CTRL is held, it will still do the skills that build Holy Power so as to be able to use whatever is tied to the CTRL modifier.
I do not use JUST a Shift or Alt modifier, as I have skills set up on hotkeys bound to Alt 1-6 and Shift 1-6 The nomod:shift/alt is there for this reason. It lets me Hold Shift, stopping the skills with the “nomod:shift/alt” conditional from firing and allowing me to squeeze in whatever ability is on my Alt or Shift hotkeys between all the GCDs that are firing off.

This is the best way I’ve found after 9 years of using and writing macros for GSE to allow the macro to spam like crazy and still be able to use all my utility as well. Several years I kept my macros to myself, sorry community, I should have shared, but sadly when you write a good macro people begin to expect you to personalize it for them. I’m not doing that. I write these for me, and if you want to use them, great. Make them work for you by editing things if you want. Or use as is. Any changes I make are because I like them better. If you suggest a change and I feel it would make it better for me, sure, I may change it to do whatever it is you suggest, but I may not… Take it or leave it :wink:

My Ret Macro

My Prot Macro

Just a minor thing. When i import the macro it is setup as Prot so i had to change in the Prot spec. I guess you have setup so you see all speccs from pala but just wanted to inform about.
Macro is amazing so thank you OAK for this :slight_smile:

Best regards

Oh shit, it is… whoops… I swap around specs so much. I think when I initially built this one, I based it heavily off my prot macro and used that as a base before changing the spells

i ran a couple last night with this and did a 13 and 14 no real issues. I had a couple of deaths but they got 1 hit by stuff lol. I need to setup my emergency buttons i think but the macro did great!

This is great. I haven’t healed much before and this makes it a lot easier. Wanted to share a few tweaks I made to make this even better for me.

  1. For raids, I created a second copy and put WOG on the shift alt modifier and removed the modifier from light of dawn so it fires off automatically.
  2. put Shield of the Righteous on a modifier to make sure i don’t spend holy power on DPS that may be needed to heal. I don’t do any content that is bleeding edge where an extra 10k dps matters.

Another amazing macro. I love it!

Could you kindly share your raid edits please

so been having success in keys with this one, im just wondering do you have to be in combat or have a target selected for it to run?

in my experience yes. I pop some manual heals out of combat.

like this one:

/cast [@mouseover,exists] Holy Shock; Holy Shock
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Ive been gone for quite awhile and decided to come back yesterday and man …lots of changes . ive figured things out for the most part except i have no idea how to use the links for Talents. Someone feel like helping me out with that? would be much appreciated .

Copy the talent string code.
open up talents in game
at the bottom click on the drop down menu
click import talents
paste the talents string
name it
click save

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Thanks for the reply trimatic ,i was so lost lol.

Only issue i have now is the seasons. summer isnt in there so i assumed i had to prime by using that first .so i did and when it hit winter it wouldnt cast it and also would not cast autumn . not sure what thats about but other than that i love the macro , works great

If the seasons block isnt working, go into edit mode and change it back to

/cast [known:Blessing of Winter,@player][known:Blessing of Spring,@player][@focus,help,exists][] Blessing of Summer(Night Fae)

It gets auto-changed into the new ability in GSE and some reason the $$ thing we can do, doesnt work for this. If you dont edit the macro, it should continue to work. I’ve seen issues when you go in to change something and it puts the wrong ability as the current blessing.


You absolute legend! thank you very much for the reply. Now off i go to heal someone to death lmao

update: i am running this at +19 keys. Super amazing. Reaching KSH soon.

great macro but got a couple things
not sure whats wrong but my barrior dosent cast nor doest t blessing eg summer winter also the lights hammer very rarly casts dont know if its a speed thing but i went slow and fast i did update the blessings int he macro

I’m having an issue and I’m sure it’s something on my end. When I fire off the macro, first it casts wings, then it just glitches out for a while like it’s casting something and canceling the cast over and over, then after 5-10 seconds of that, hammer of wrath will fire off and then it’s back to repleted cast wobble.


After some testing I figured it out. In the ~~ KeyPress ~~ section of the macro you’ve got
/use [@player] 14
Because of this is was trying to use my Ominous Chromatic Essence, since technically it’s a usable tricket, but because it can only be used at a dragonflight shrine it was glitching out and breaking.

If I swap my trinkets around or remove that specific line, everything works great.

I just wanted to post my issue and my fix in case anyone else runs into the same problem.


I decided to pull my pally out of storage tonight and heal on a whim in offspec gear and this has taken me all the way from healing 14-15s to now having a 21 key somehow. All I can say is amazing work on this one, this is the most fun I have had on a class in a long long time, I think i may have stumbled on to my new main! Now to going broke recrafting all of my prot gear - lol!

This is the first macro that I have used in a good while that has basically worked perfect right out of the box, all I did was switch the modifiers around to single fingers because lets face it, I’m lazy :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

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