1 button macro help plz

hey all. first i want to thank all the people that have been making all these macros for us. i have been using them for years.

i like to make it as simple as i can. and i only use like 2 keys. 1 key for the main macro and if im using my lvl 60 guys the 2nd key is the covenant special skill. i never use the shift or alt modifiers. which i do know does affect my overall dps or damage. but i just like to keep things as simple as possible.

i was wondering if other people do this as well? espically right now with the last patch making the mage tower perm. that has always been something i was never able to do before. but i would like to give it a try again.

but im thinking because of my play style that its not going to work. so thats why i thought i would write this and see if others like to play the same way and if anyone has been able to use these macros to complete the mage tower and which character were you playing.

looking forward to hearing from any of you.