1 Button Unholy Macro (works well, but definitely open to feedback)

So, took the new one for a ride using the macros as is and posted talents. Not sure about others but, could only fie apoc twice because only two times did I actually get 4 festering wounds on the target. That’s two times in a 5 min span. Not good. However, after switching the 100 level talent to Infected Claws, I could then fire it off every time it was available. Also, constantly resource starved possibly due to rotation but haste as well. I’m sitting at 19%. Haste will always be a problem for our class across all specs. Thanks Blizz.

Fair points. To the first concern being Apoc, I would say that the macro is set so that I am not maxing out Festering Wounds at 6 stacks for 2 minutes while waiting for the next Apoc CD, as I found that to be a much bigger DPS loss (involves less Scourge Strike casts which in turn means I was wasting Wounds) than pausing the macro to cast Festering Strike once or twice manually when Apoc’s CD is almost over. I am of course open to other suggestions, and will think on this myself to see if there is perhaps another option out there.

Resource starvation is real lol. I am in the same boat at 20% haste. When there are no resources for skills, I will typically refresh Virulent Plague and/or keep an eye on my RP to cast Epidemic or Death Coil, whichever the encounter calls for. As a side note, refreshing Plague is set up to be as easy as either tabbing between mobs or hitting the escape key while the rotation is running. Both cause target shifts which in turn triggers Plague’s cast regardless of what skill the macro says will be cast next.

ive been using this marco for a while now had bursts of 80k+ aoe single 30k so very good marco if used right!.

the first macro is really good for pvp thnx keep the update on it

Really great macro, I’m not sure what is going on or what I’m looking to alter, but I would like Festering Wounds to stack quicker…it seems to build really slow in the beginning, or other abilities are taking priority.

You have a couple of options here. You could manually cast Festering Strike once or twice before starting the macro (I will do this on boss pulls just so I can use Apoc asap), you could add another /cast [combat] Festering Strike or two to the macro itself (I don’t necessarily recommend this as I find after the opening minute festering stays between 2-6 stacks easily), or you could add this line item in the KeyPress section of both macro versions: /use [mod:ctrl] Festering Strike.

I would suggest the final option as this will not impact the rotation and will save you from wasting runes when not needed. I will post an updated macro for GSE on the second post of this thread (will show updated as of 10/30/18). Hopefully this will solve your issue, as you will be able to just start the macro and hold ctrl down to build wounds to 4.