#1 dps on meters running Monk GSE?

while leveling, or even at cap (level 60), have you ever been consistently running GSE monk macros and being #1 on the dps charts? obviously gear ilvl has a factor but still just wondering.

…Like I said: it’s different for EVERY PERSON. Try them all out in front of a training dummy, record the results and go with whatever macro gives you the highest DPS.

Perhaps you did not slow down to read this (different) questions.

I was just wondering if anyone on forums have had good success being #1 DPS with Monk in current meta on the DPS charts while using GSE macros.

Looks promising!! I’m not 60 yet but I’ve done very well while random dungeon spamming.

I doubt you can beat out a solid player following proper rotation. You can come close but with nowhere near the effort the other player put into it. You would need a lot of conditionals and they cant be in a macro. Some people this is fine.

You just have to try em out and adjust if needed and you will probably need to adjust again as gear level goes up.

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I have been consistently top or at least in top 3 in all dungeons/raids/and bgs. I use the Kenshiro Taught Me macro. Kept everything as is.

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whats your % on world of logs for raid dps?

whats your % on world of logs for raid dps?

I do not have a % because I’m new to monk.

I was never able to reach #1 DPS slot as a brewmaster but there were times in certain fights (not many) below level 60 while running dungeons where I was #2. Being new to playing the monk I was not sure if they had what it took to be #1 DPS in groups while tanking, i know for example, when I play the warrior or paladin it was definitely possible (but I never did it with GSE).

The highest I’ve parsed in terms of parse % on a recap is 60ish%, meaning I’m parsing better than 60% and below 40% of the similarly geared players on similarly timed fights. That is just fine for me. If I really want to push it I can get up into high 70’s by doing it all manually, but the difference is negligible enough to make it worth it to not have to pay attention to rotations and AoE’s/fight mechanics at the same time. I’m old as fuck at 39 here so anything I can do to make this shit easier, I’m into.

As the young people say… “I’m 'bout that life”

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