#1 Fury Warrior 9.2 one Button Macro " The W" By Erwin Liao

Hey guys today im sharing my Fury warrior macro
i’m using the talents from warcraft logs
using spear of bastion on legs
this macro performs at 50ms i own a steel series keyboard that has macro and repeat while press function laptop is made by msi not to sure about razer products running gse 3 with 50ms on my macro
to use this macro you will get high dps as long as u dont change the macro
reason is that every little line has a function to where for example raging blow i put them in that order
and changing this will alter the outcome
when you first start on a mob in adungeon or raid you spear of bastion right away recklessness and bladestorm
so when your in a dungeon you will always burst right away that was the priority in making this macro
if you start with low dps on other macros more then likely u will not sustain a high number
so with the elysian might legs you will have a big bladestorm thats connected to the spear with recklessness
following that you will bladestorm on 2nd pull on your third pull you will begin aagain with
spear recklensess and blade storm so it cycles
this macro for me and my laptop playing at 1080p i have high frame rate so i fire this at 50ms
WARNING: never hit the button with the macro when your charging you must not spear the ground always make sure you are on top of something so you would charge then start the macro hope you enjoy as much as i will this patch and the ending of this expansion
for me i’m perfoming insane numbers every pull and will be using this macro


would it work if i change that line /cast [@player] Spear of Bastion for @target instead

i’m not sure if you can do that only works [@cursor] or [@player]

as @Erwin_Liao said, you can only do this with @cursor and @player. blizzard disabled the use of @target a long time ago when they broke a large quantity of addons by disabling that particular variable. they claimed it was cheating and made teh game too easy. at least, that’s how i remember it happending.

isnt having whirlwind in there a dps loss for ST?

yea i think your right well i dont raid but like the whole setup is primarly used for mythic dungeons most of the trash your doing 18k with spear reck and bladesstorm but when it comes to single target i still use the macro i havent attempted to make a single target macro

Leider kann ich dieses Macro nicht testen da der macrotext nicht in GSE3.0.61 zu importieren geht. Könnte man eventuell einen vernünftigen importstring bekommen ?
Danke im vorraus.

Erwin, Does this stall at all for you? It bursts like a truck and maintains about 20% above anything else I’ve used so far but I find it stalls on really long (boss) fights and I have to get off the button and then re-engage it.

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I mean, the stalling can be annoying, sure, but what’s the issue with just tapping the button off an on? takes less time to do that than it does to blink. just a quick button bump. sorry, just saying. for performance above others already, what’s a quick little button bump for sacrifise?

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is there a way i can put alt and shift modifiers for cooldowns?

never stalls on me are you manually pressing the button? i use macro software at 1 to 15 ms basically the program is press while you hold the key down shooting at 15 ms

it stall’s for me to, idk how to fix it so went with a diff macro.

Hey great macro for mythic plus hits like a train.Would really like a single target macro from you 2 for fury warrior.TQ