10.0.5 Desto Warlock **Feb 3, 2023**

Hi everyone!

I recently leveled up my warlock and was not impressed by the lack of choices in the desto category.

This is a rough draft of my macro that I just made up but it performs well, would love to get some input from people in higher keys to test the performance. It is based on the current meta talent builds for M+ in the destro category. Let me know what you think!


Usage Information

Run at 250 MS

SHIFT for Rain of Fire at cursor, swaps shard usage from Chaos Bolt to RoF.
Refreshes Immolate on target swap, CTRL modifier does it manually
ALT for Havoc

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.29.

this is great is there a way to automate immolate? i know its not ideal but I sometimes have issues due to my arthritis popping mod keys! i will play around myself with it also! Just wondered if you have any suggestions.

I have been working on that myself but I’m not positive on the specifics of resetting a macro on target OR time, adding in another line up top based on time might be the way but will cause issues on aoe packs but it might be the only solution. If you want to try it you can take the immolate cast sequence line out of the bottom of the macro, place it in its own section above chaos bolt and change the “target” to “17” and it should give you the results you are looking for on single target fights.

EDIT: DO NOT remove the cast sequence line, just duplicate it. Removing it will remove the ability to refresh on target swap.

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hmmmjust tried that it doesnt cast it, still playing around with it ill let u know

i see no talents linked ??? running with no talents ?

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why do you need talents for destro? just pick what u want it will work.

Destro does not really have any talent specific abilities that affect the rotation

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I can’t use this macro until you post your talents.

Why cant you? it doesnt have anything that affects the macro. Check wowhead.

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You can explain it, but you can’t make him understand it…:stuck_out_tongue:

I did post the talents, even though you do not need them for this macro to run. Happy hunting!

I tried playing around a fair whack i cant seem to get it to automate immolate hmmm hopefully someone else with have more luck

talents for my lvl 68 after i copied the mythic reference website