10BEAK - Basic Augmentation Macro (Credit to Gaupanda) **UPDATED 18/07/2023**





I’m only level 67, so you will need to just choose your own last 3 points.

This macro applies blistering scales to who you focus, so make sure to set focus to the tank at the start of dungeon/raid or edit the macro yourself if you wish to change this

I include by CD’s on separate buttons too, as I like to fire them off manually.

Usage Information

Full credit to Gaupanda, basically replaced a couple of spells/abilities to try secure a basic Augmentation rotation.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.39.

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your talents are for Devastation and you have the Macro set to Dev. so is this for Dev or Aug?

There’s no augmentation section yet so for now it’ll be tagged under devastation. As for the talents I just manually picked mine using suggested builds from wowhead.

This was literally put together using a devastation macro but tweaked for aug

sorry what i get for typeing while talking to my kiddo. took the talent code form the macro and the game says its for Devestation. and your macro is listed as Devestation

Hmm I’ll see if I can change it tonight, not sure if gse has aug as a specialisation yet

it has because i change it mine

Strange because i ran this macro last night in PvP and was running fine, didn’t check though to see if the spec was set to Devastation.

Was even coming close to top DMG done in epic bg’s :slight_smile:

At ilvl 370 i was avg’ing around 47k DPS

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confirmed it shows a devastation spec macro but seemed to run fine regardless

What MS are you running at again? Also, do we need to focus the tank and is this mouse over or just press and done

Yeah it shouldn’t matter whether it shows as devastation spec or not, this macro will still run fine using augmentation spec however I will update the macro when I get a chance to clear up any confusion guys.

Glad to see it’s working good for people though!

I don’t use AHK or anything so I wouldn’t know what ms to use, I just bind macros to my mouse wheel and just slam them.

Yeah I should’ve mentioned you need to set focus to the tank and then it will keep blistering scales up. I’ll update the topic with this thanks

hey @10BEAK still getting this when i copy your talent code from the macro and try to import it.


Hey don’t use the talent code, I just copy my talent builds from wowhead. I’ll update the macro with my talent build tonight

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Post is now updated, and I’ve also updated the macro to show correct spec - Talents also included - Please read notes also on how to use :slight_smile: Feedback appreciated, and also welcome any help to make this better!

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earlier i did what you said and its a great macro, good job. i’ll go play with the update now. lol

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Great Macro. I use very good result :star_struck:

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seems like nice macro i just wish fire breath could go past rank 1 x.x seems its better to cast it at max rank alot more

Yeah, whilst it’s included in the macro, I have all of my empower spells on separate buttons to manually cast in most situations

i think it’s been generally suggested as being wasteful to charge up past rank one by at least every content creator for the class.

if you charge up more than 2 then you get less DoT damage. so think most ppl like the higher DoT and lower one time hit damage, than a lower DoT and higher OTH.

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