2 Razer Naga questions

  1. When someone says 20ms. Does that mean 0.020?

  2. Where do you put the 20ms in the macro? after the down/up on the “1” button? or between the down and up on the “1” button?

Example 1

Example 2


here you go)
here is 60ms

Thanks for answering, I often wondered the same but was never sure if it went where you have suggested or where my red arrow is :slight_smile:


[quote quote=68054]http://prntscr.com/m1txx3
here you go) here is 60ms[/quote]

Thank you for clearing this up

Someone needs to post up with the new synapse how to setup speeds cause you cant match this old post.

i would love someone to show how in the new synapse how to do this i cant get it to work

Im hoping someone does cause i love these macros just wish the community was more active.

ok so in new razer synapse here is what 20ms looks like
ez pz :smiley:


I guess i should of said what are the steps to do that.

I can do a detailed but when i get a chance tonight cause if i do it detailed it has to be good af

thanks I would appreciate it alot

I have the new Synapse mouse but hate the 3.0 application. I downloaded the 2.0 app and its alot easier.

2.0 does not work with the new naga trinity says not supported has to be 3.0