4.2 Paladin - Protection (Tank) Lazy Macro

/castsequence [mod]Avenger’s Shield;reset=3 Hammer of the Righteous,Judgement, Hammer of the Righteous,Holy Wrath, Hammer of the Righteous,Inquisition,Hammer of the Righteous,Judgement,Hammer of the Righteous,Hammer of the Righteous,Shield of the Righteous

255 car and it works with no pauses you just got to have all your cool downs on another macro

/cast Holy Shield
/cast Divine Protection
/cast Guardian of Ancient Kings
/cast Avenging Wrath
/use 13
/use 14

for all of your cooldowns

Hello Jimmy, it sounds interesting. Kind of reminds me when we had the 9-6-9 rotation and had to split it between 2 keys.
I will give it a try and maybe put it as an optional or replacement for the macro. What I would like to see that is missing is “startattack” but maybe I can figure out something.

Thanks again for the contribution.

The frist one is for aoe. for a boss just swap Hammer of the Righteous with Crusader Strike so its really 3 macros that i use. I dont use Consecration
or spec into it. As to a startattack it really dont need i think it needs one but i could be wrong try it with out it and see

Hello Jimmy, I was able to test it and it works beautifully. I guess startattack is not necessary since it would only be able to lockup in a transition from HoTR to HoTR or double crusader strike, but is very rare it would happen.
I will try to add it to the list as soon as I can. I wish could replace it all into one without using addOns, but maybe people don’t mind using 2 keys to do it all. Will see, thanks again.

Thank you for trying it out and I am glad to hear that you like it. On the one with Crusader Strike in it should have a some room for a few cooldowns