5.4 Resto Druid "DPS to Heal" Macro

Hi all,

I am looking toward patch 5.4 and the new tier 6 talent that Resto Druids will have access to, “Dream of Cenarius,” that allows Wrath to smart heal someone for 100% of the damage done. Given that there are a couple of great Discipline Priest “Atonement” macros, I was wondering if anyone might take a stab at a Resto Druid Wrath macro?

In order to maximize both DPS and healing, it will need to cast Lifebloom every ~14 seconds, since our Clearcasting buff for a free Wrath procs from that. Ideally, it would be cast on the tank through the macro using a [targettarget] command.

Given that I am a total extended macro novice, I was hoping that someone might be able to toss out a couple of possible macro builds for this style of dps-healing.

Thanks for any and all input!

Well for the most part it’s a copy and paste of a Disc Priest macro. Instead of Smite you put Wrath. I have some projects that I’m currently working on so right now I don’t have the time, but I can create one for you later in the week.

Here’s my first attempt at modifying the Disc Atonement macro for Druids:

/castsequence reset=combat 0,Wrath
/castsequence [@targettarget, help] reset=combat Rejuvenation,Swiftmend,Lifebloom
/cast [combat] Barkskin
/use 13
/use 14

I put the Swiftmend in before the Lifebloom to hopefully (intentionally) hang up the macro so it only casts Lifebloom every ~!5 seconds or so. The added benefit of a Rejuv on the main target and a Swiftmend just helps with healing.

So far while testing it on mobs in the Vale, it seems to be working pretty well. It only casts the Rejuv/Swiftmend/Lifebloom once the mob has targetted me, and it doesn’t chain cast Lifebloom to 3 stacks–just once every 15 seconds.

It would be more like this:

/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,0,0,Lifebloom
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,0,Swiftmend
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,Rejuvenation
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,Nourish
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,Wrath
/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14

I would think about putting Rejv down on the list so you don’t spam it. You could also do this:

/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,0,0,Lifebloom,Lifebloom,Lifebloom,Rejuvenation
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,0,Swiftmend
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,0,Nourish
/castsequence reset=0.5 0,Wrath
/use [combat] 13
/use [combat] 14