6.0.2 Fury Warrior Macros (single target, Aoe and execute Macros (Oust)

Hi Team,

Just a quick TL;DR of my warrior macros.

My Set up is simple, I have my Single macro on number one, Raging blow on number 2, AOE macro on number three and Execute macro on number 4. Recklessness is placed where every you want and not included in any of the Macros.

Single target fights Talents: 2,2,3,1,3,2
AOE fights:2,2,3,1,3,3
Ilvl:582 (titans grip)

Addons needed: Superduper Macro
Link: Super Duper Macro : Miscellaneous : World of Warcraft AddOns

Single Target Macro:

/castsequence reset=9 Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst,Wild Strike,Wild Strike,Bloodthirst /Cast [combat]Storm Bolt /cast [combat]Bloodbath /cast [combat]Blood Fury /Cast Berserker Rage /cast Charge

AOE Macro:

/castsequence reset=6 Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst,Whirlwind,Whirlwind, /Cast Bladestorm /cast Bloodbath /cast Blood Fury /Cast Berserker Rage

Execute Macro:

/castsequence reset=9 Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst,Execute,Execute,Bloodthirst /Cast [combat]Storm Bolt /cast [combat]Bloodbath /cast [combat]Blood Fury /Cast Berserker Rage /cast Charge

I have tested these macros today in SoO, on single target fights I peak at 26k and then drop to 17-20k. On AOE fights I’ve seen as high as 77k (burst). whilst these are not “perfect” they work reasonably well.

Hope you all enjoy them, any feedback please let me know.

tried the macro works fine
i am @ ilvl 572 and sustain 12k-13k dps max-20k+burst low-11k

the one thing i would do is remove the burst cds and place them into one macro

that way during boss fights your lining them up with bloodlust/heroism instead of
whenever they come off CD.

and having a /charge in the macro will cause unnecessary face pulling of close mobs before the tank can grab aggro.

all in all it works , one of the first “no BS bar swap junk” i have seen. Good Job keep it up

initially this was giving me rage issues, probably as I am not as geared, so I adjusted it to the following

/castsequence reset=9 [nomod]Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst,Bloodthirst;[mod:alt]Wild Strike,Wild Strike,Wild strike
/Cast [combat]Storm Bolt
/cast [combat]Bloodbath
/cast [combat]Blood Fury
/Cast Berserker Rage
/cast charge

so now it won’t wild strike unless I am holding alt down during a bloodsurge or if I got rage to burn
once I did this it was smooth sailing, I have been trying to incorporate raging blow into this macro but it will never fire off for some reason.

I cant get storm bolt to work, any idea why it isnt?

Hi Brian,

Are you using the macro I posted or the above posters macro? If with mine are you using a macro mouse at all?


Hey you marko wase working awesom until i reload and now its not fireing Stormbolt

No raging blow?

I bind RB to another button, so that I can use it on CD with out having to worry about the gamble.

@ oust Why do you have bladestorm and bloodbath macro’d in your AE macro… You can only pick one or the other, can’t have both. and for your single target macro, you dont mention Execute in the rotation for those who chose the Sudden Death Talent

Any way to get storm bolt AND Bladestorm to work in the single target macro?

Hi Guys,

@Ryan: I have both because some fights (single) were better for Bloodbath, where as Aoe fights were not.
@Keis: I always have blade storm outside of my single target rotation. You would need to do SB first otherwise it has issues firing off.

Just a quick FYI I have moved over to my rogue until fury is in a better place.