6.0.3 Guardian Druid (MacroToolKit)

This is the macro that I use. I usually pull top DPS in heroic dungeons with 635 gear and I keep aggro pretty well. Some people do not like Wild Charge weaved into their macro, as it can accidentally pull a group. I have Faerie Fire and Frenzied Rejuvenation on a separate button because it is not always needed.

My talents are: 3,1,3,1,1,2,2
My glyphs are: Barkskin, Maul and Rebirth

This macro will fire off maul before Savage Defense, if you are getting hit hard enough your Rage will generate enough to trigger Savage Defense. Berserk will instantly cast when used in combat, so if you want this ability during a major fight I would advice using it separately or waiting for its cool down.

There are so many lines of Lacerate, Thrash, and Pulverize so you can continue attacking the same mob without having to switch targets. So an addon like Macrotoolkit is needed to extend the macro. I hope this macro is as effective for you guys as it has been for me. Good luck!

/use [noform]!Bear Form
/use Wild Charge
/castsequence reset=target/7 Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Lacerate,Thrash,Pulverize
/use Mangle
/use Maul
/use Savage Defense
/use Berserk
/use Barkskin
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]