6 clicks is how much MS Click Rate?

good afternoon! 6 clicks is how much MS Click Rate? need exact number

Depends on the rate of thos msec !?

If you are to start using pause block, remember to match your mouse or keyboard software WITH the GSE options msec.

You need a perfect match to count those as clicks ( i think ).


6 click how many milliseconds?

No one can answer that except you. If you are spamming at 100ms then 6 clicks is going to be 600ms. If you are spamming at 250ms than it’s going to be 1.5 seconds. X clicks is simply (X x how fast you are spamming).

150ms is 0.15 seconds, so will click 6.66 times per second. 6 full clicks is how many ms do I need the exact number of ms is 160? I can’t figure it out. thanks for the answer

Can someone help me calculate?