7/016/2023 Black ICE 2.0


Usage Information

Ctrl for opener dots and reapplication

Disease refresh macro: #showtooltip
/castsequence icy touch, plague strike
Disease refresh macro built into opener by holding control to cast icy touch and plague strike

I look forward to testing and advice from yall to try and perfect this to be as competitive of a macro as possible in comparison to manually doing the rotation.


This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.39.


I am currently running the SUB blood variant of frost. I have found that the sub unholy frost has far less chance to have pestilence resist in comparison to blood. More testing is required as the unholy sub spec for frost from what i understand only passes blood at a certain gear check that i have been unable to validate at what point that is.



Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.06.

Second update 100% uptime on diseases no resist, 1million damage test ended at 3.4k dps only 1 use of unbreakable armor and blood tap while testing, Adjustments added to include rune strike while questing or doing dungeons bc threat happens and why not counterstrike XP

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I have not added horn of winter to the sequence as it is causing pestilence to fire .5-1.5 seconds to late and is require disease management, once i find a solution i will update with a new sequence stating as such.

Horn of winter is a decent amount of runic power over time and can generate you 1 frost strike per minute. raid fights are lasting 3-5 minutes so 3-5 frost strikes may seem small but is another tid bit if you are trying to min max and squeeze dps out, id suggest during no runes and no rp to cast this manually for the time being

Thank you very much for the macro. There has not yet been time to test it, while in the country. I think I’ll test it tomorrow. What color are the logs in the Citadel?

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I dont know what i am doing wrong but i just started a dk and i cant get any of the macros to work…I did the beginning starter quest but now that i am in ogr it still doesnt want to do anything for me and yes i have all my points and everything done

@Majicslayer check your skill ranks in the macro. replace then to your own ranks. then change them again as you level

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i appreciate it i just did that and it works great…long day lol its usually something small


Could you post your Talent Build and Glyphs?

@Majicslayer np bud! also @sargis awesome macro man! works really well. seems as though i do a tad more dps with death coil in replace of frost strike but idk might be just me lol (i do alot of pvp and this works well with it too!). also to keep your icy touch and plague strike up, add a new block under your runic power dump /castsequence Icy Touch(Rank 3), Plague Strike(Rank 3) (lower ranks cause im only lvl 67) and should keep it up. switching to a new target will apply it aswell because of the first block. one more thing is did was switch around obliterate and pestilence to get some aoe started a bit earlier. but this macro is one of the better ones imo.
if u wanna check out the edit and tell me what you think here it is! you would just need to update the spell ranks



Hi everyone had anyone that Frost Tanks tested this? I just moved my DS into a DW Frost ST Tank Build and Any Weapon Frost AoE Tank Build borrowing from the Blight Club Discord. I’m looking for something to give me an edge as I gear up. Currently at 200 Gear score, id like to Pug 25s or get paid in GDKPs soon.

ill definitely test this out the next chance i get! Thanks for the fead back!

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Got home late checking emails. I saw you wanted glyphs and talents. I follow the guide from wowhead wotlk frost dk frost/blood variant.

Glyphs and talents here bud

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Excellent, im excited to try this out when i get back home. Been looking forward to a frost/blood. unholy has wore me out. I need something new

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i imagine if you change obliterate with deathstrike this should work just as well, i haven’t tried tanking yet nor do i have tank gear. I didn’t want to lead you with an incorrect answer, but if you try swapping obliterate with DS let me know. perhaps this could work for tanking as well!

I was thinking about that. Especially when doing the daily group elites, might help with surviving.

Thats being said in the post above. I loaded up the macro, used the talents/glyphs suggested, grabbed me a couple one handers and the macro is running pretty smooth.

Only hiccups i get are with large AOE pulls, sometimes it sticks, i think because of rune starving. Maybe put some aoe stuff on shift etc might help i dont know.

Overall though great job

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My Tank gear isn’t the best, GS: 3720 Ilvl 199 Frost DW Tank 12/54/5: i was doing 2.1k dps w/o buffs by swapping that Death Strike for Obliterate. I find that i don’t rune out of runes the extra death strikes keep the rotation nice. And rimeing in HB. This works great. I’ll keep messing with this.

I’m keeping the orginaly for my Frost DPS DW 15/56/0 GS: 3635 Ilvl: 197 - i’m averaging 3.5-3.6k dps and only hitting pestilence once in a great while as I spam thru the macro.

This so far works great for me.

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Thank you!! As of currently the only aoe on shift is howling blast to be used with rime procs, I do not have the macro set up for aoe soley. I can however make a second sequence within the macro prioritizing, howling, pestilence, and blood boil. I’ll work on that this coming week/weekend.

The current lockup i think your running into as i do, is pestilence, one thing to remember is when you use blood tap you want to remove the blood tap buff before it cycles back to blood rune otherwise it reset the rune cd and cause blood rune starve and lock ups. This is not something that can be sequenced in the macro. I’d suggest using a macro following as #showtooltip Bloodtap, /cancelaura blood tap, /cast blood tap or something along those lines.

Thank you for the tank application feed back! I’ll make a updated post later on with that as a new sequence or possible new tank thread labeled as Black Ice Tanking.

I’m happy to see the macro is doing great for you in dps! One thing I am trying to work through is adding a mod key for unbreakable armor with its own sequence block with empower rune weapon to also give you the 3 back to back obliterates for the burst cds as well. I do like manually pressing them but to further improve this macro as an all round all in one i think this could be beneficial for some folks