7.1 Changes

Should the pre-macro scripts for GS-E now include:
/cast [nostance] !Shadowform

This will work also: /cast [form:0] Shadowform

The topic title fits to my problem, so i feel free … : )

Since enemie grid (multi target dot addon) dont work anymore, is it possible to create a macro like this :

“target 3rd last npc” “target 5th last npc” and so on ? Or could anyone tell me a good method for multi dotting ?

I can’t get this to work. I put /cast [form:0] Shadowform in the pre-macro section, and I don’t switch to Shadowform when I start my attack. I tried other methods like /cast Shadowform and /cast [nostance] !Shadowform but none work. I put them in the Sequence section, and it still won’t work! I don’t have a problem going in to Shadowform manually (it’s just a mouse click after all) but on those occasions where I forget, it would be nice to know that my macro has picked it up.
Any suggestions?

Weird. I have that exact line in my macro, and it works just fine.