7.3 Papa Balance

Very Early macro since my druid is level 21.
Will update as I level for all specs.

Sequences['Papa_Balance'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.02.
  Talents = "?,?,?,?,?,?,?,",
  Help = [[Beta]],
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential",
        "/cast [noform:4] Moonkin Form",
        "/cast [mod:alt] Lunar Strike",
        "/castsequence  reset=target/combat  Moonfire, Sunfire, null",
        "/castsequence [nochanneling] Solar Wrath, Lunar Strike",
        "/cast Starsurge",

I’m also leveling a new druid. So far it works.

I’ve just levelled up to 60 with this - other spells like “Celestial Alignment” on the action bar - and it’s great.

papapancake, have you updated it?

I’d love to see how it looks now. While there aren’t as many spells that a druid at that level would have, compared to a max level character, I liked that it didn’t go crazy with modifiers. I don’t do well with “alt”, “ctrl”, “shift” and more assigned to different things. I usually have “shift” assigned to something and then try to macro others and keybind the few I can’t.

I look forward to news :slight_smile:

I started using it only Lvl 24 i noticed that moonfire and sunfire falls off mobs in dungeons you have to target yourself and then the mob or boss to refresh it.

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