7.3 Papa Veng Tanking

All in one tanking macro

Sequences['Veng'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.2.02.
  Talents = "1213321",
  Help = [[Alt for Fiery Brand
ctrl for Metamorphosis
shift for Felblade
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Sequential",
        "/cast [mod:ctrl] Metamorphosis",
        "/cast [mod:alt] Fiery Brand",
        "/cast [mod:shift] Felblade",
        "/castsequence  reset=target/combat  Throw Glaive, nul",
        "/cast Empower Wards",
        "/cast Demon Spikes",
        "/cast Immolation Aura",
        "/cast Shear",
        "/cast Felblade",
        "/cast Soul Carver",
        "/cast Soul Cleave",
        "/cast [@player] Sigil of Flame",
        "/cast [@player] Infernal Strike",
        "/cast Throw Glaive",

Link to my addon https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/papapancakes-macro-collection-gnomesequencer

It’s fine for mythic + but don’t ever use fiery brand on rotation in raids.

[quote quote=54717]It’s fine for mythic + but don’t ever use fiery brand on rotation in raids.
updated the macro to my 110 version should be alot better the old one was around lvl 102 ish when i made it

Take Throw glaive out of your macro ffs. Its a taunt much like heroic throw. You will not raid w/ this macro unless you enjoy dying from ineffective taunt swaps where you are probably blaming the co-tank when your macro’d in Throw Glaive is the culprit.

As mentioned above Take Fiery brand out of any macro.

Its for reasons such as this that I stopped posting my macros a while back and simply write my own for private use which never include all cd’s or abilities in 1 button.

The addon is a tool. Not a crutch or a 1 button solution. Use it as such.

8/9M lead tank here for ToS.

Your reply came off as a tad bit rude. Some people rely on these macros as a way to continue to play the game that they love so much due to a disability. Everyone is not looking to be a 8/9 lead tank for ToS or expect the macro to make them one. In the future please try to be more considerate of others that use the macros and to those that take the time out to make them for those of us who rely on them to still be able to play. Thanks for your effort in all of your macros Papa Pancake!

hey bud i sent u a message i would like to see what u have.