8.2.5 Protadin M+

Hello fellow Lazy Community,

woud be nice if some of you could test my prot paladin macro.
I have nice results on single and aoe dps in m+

Trainingdummy ( non boss lvl ) ~10k Dps without avening wrath

Shield of the Righteous will be spend at a relative slow rate, that i can use it mostly on my own
For faster / slower use just modify the inner loop limit

Self heal is on shift mod.
All other cd's are on manually use

i run this on **100ms** with my logitech mouse.

Stats and Talents:

Heart of Azeroth


Anima of life and Death


Memory of Lucid Dreams
( important for Shield of the Righteous )

Update V1.3

Better DPS + Better Shield of the Righteous Usage#
Pull manually
Macro will only work if you are in combat


I import the macro, but can move the icon to my bars, do you know why?

Maybe you need to create an icon first?

1.) type in /gse
2.) click on the macro ( should be highlighted in yellow )
3.) search for the " create icon " button

thats all i know so far.


i have the same settings and the macro is don’t work I have change language German to English nothing


i usually start my fights on my own, therefore the macro wont do anything unless you are already in combat.
Maybe this is the problem here.


So we just captain America shield toss before we use the macro…is that what your saying

Autoattack, Cpt. America Shield, Judgment or run in with your shiny horse and set the ground on holy fire xD

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