8.3 BM Hunter BFA

Hi Everyone - this is my current macro - it’s based off a number of submissions to the forum and multiple adaptations to suit my own character, not least Asbobunny and Elfyau who have made excellent macros - you can see their work on this section of the forum too. Asbo’s should be looked at closely if you have 40% crit, unbuffed as it’s an excellent rotation.

  1. This macro is based on MY simulations via www.raidbots.com/quicksim and therefore my character, azerite traits, essences and stats (such as having lower than 40% crit). It is optimised for my play and therefore, it may not be perfect for you. Everything is relational to your simulation - so it’s extremely important to know what you could be achieving, before looking at what you are achieving.
  2. I believe you should tweak your own macros to enable optimal DPS for you - this may include adding in spells at a higher priority. If you want to learn to do this - you should ask on the amazing Discord channel - there are people who can help you learn to macro.
  3. Utility spells come at a high cost within any macro (some trigger Global Cooldown) - and should likely be bound separately
  4. I have trinkets I can use on cooldown - these may need disabled for you in the macro
  5. I use focused azerite beam as it still has some of the best rotational utility - but you may want to use Flame - and if so, can add in --> /cast Heart Essence <— into the macro
  6. This macro is optimised to try and incur as many casts of Kill Command as possible - as per my sims.
  7. I use a Spirit Beast for utility - but don’t forget that all hunter pets do the same damage
  8. I personally run this at 20ms on a Corsair mouse using their proprietary software - but a rule of thumb is look at your latency and use it as your ‘ms’ value.
  9. Please don’t post and ask ‘what is ms?’ or ‘how do I use AHK?’ or ‘how do I fire this macro?’ - it’s covered extensively elsewhere on the forum
  10. The macro will call pet number ONE - so if you have a favoured pet - make sure it is in your first slot, or change the macro to the number you want.
  11. For AOE situations - I have seen no reason to change Asbobunny’s AOE macro which can be found here.
  12. I have personally found that I need to run 3 Dance of Death traits in my equipment for optimal DPS - you might also need this.

SET A FOCUS (usually the tank) - it will cast misdirect on the focus, or if no focus - your pet

My current stats = Crit 30%, Haste 13%, Mastery 46%, Vers 4%. I run 3 Dance Of Death traits in my equipment. ilvl = 435.

My current talents = 2212211

Simmed DPS - 3mins Target Dummy - no buffs - 31,628 - www.raidbots.com/quicksim
Actual DPS - 3 mins Target Dummy - no buffs - 31,500 - 32,500 (tried over 3 encounters for range)

I run the macro for a small click and then use the Focused Iris - this allows you to send the pets in first to start DPS whilst I channel.

Using Asbo’s AOE - I get about 65K burst on the AOE Target Dummies with Focused Iris Essence and running the macro - dwindles to about 45K DPS over 3 mins which is more than adequate, unbuffed.

If you want to keep autotarget on - you can add: --> /targetenemy [noharm][dead] <-- to the Keypress section of the macro. I don’t do this as you can easily pull mobs by accident in dungeons; it’s best to select them yourselves.

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Set a focus to cast misdirection on - it will do this automatically.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.2.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Kill Command, Aspect of the Wild

KeyPress: Revive Pet, Misdirection, Dash, Claw, Spirit Mend, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Cobra Shot, Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath

Post Macro: Aspect of the Wild, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath

Let me know how you all get on!

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