80 Enhance hybrid

My first attempt at a gse macro … if you see anything really outright wrong with it please help me fix it :slight_smile: Hobo did most of the work on his original macro which led me to tinker with what i posted below


Intro: I took what i liked from Hobo’s Macro and changed some things (leaving the parts i didn’t understand)… This macro works for melee (well) and Spellhance(average) I probably made some mistakes but im pulling about 4k dps in heroics. While this macro focuses less on the big aoe damage you can use an attacking or a sp weapon at your leisure … the regular weapons are more gear dependent, and will see the biggest gains as you upgrade while the sp weapons will start out stronger but fall off as the expansion progresses.

Manual clicks -
You’ll drop your totems manually I use 3 buttons for totems the standard call of elements with a searing totem , a searing totem refresher on longer fights and a magma totem on aoe fights…

Shamanistic rage- enhance is so mana dependent with the standard spec use whenever you are going to have the best up time on your target to keep your mana in the green. if you use searing totem most of the time you will lose some aoe damage but wont have the mana issues of magma drops

Feral spirit … burns and hp not in the macro for the burn phases
Fire Elemental not in the macro for burn phases

Lightning bolt /chain lightning get yourself some weak auras and spam these at 4 stacks of maelstrom weapon.

Tips -
if you are using a melee weapon go windfury flame tongue if you’re using a SP weapon double up on the flame tongue

Spec found here Enhancement Shaman DPS Phase 2 Best in Slot Gear - WotLK Classic - Guides - Wowhead

after extensive testing mainhand should be windfury offhand flame tongue no matter the weapon … mana is the biggest issue i have with this spec and macro … but it still pulls 5-7k dps in uldar