A couple of questions from a mythic raider about GSE

Hello! I have just discovered GSE after being a mythic raider for many years. I am interested in how this could help me offload some brain bandwidth during some intense progression fights. I am not looking for anything that presses buttons for me, I am totally fine with manually pressing a button in order to fire off a command. I DO have razer synapse for my keyboard/mouse, but the only thing i’ve ever done is remap some keys or buttons. I guess what I’m trying to figure out is would this GSE thing be beneficial to me? For example, there are some points in rotations that are very scripted…for example the arcane burst sequence for mages. If I could offload this sequence into a single button that I can just spam until I don’t need to press it any more, that would be great…I could just spam it and would never make a mistake doing it. Is this the kind of thing GSE can do or is GSE for something completely different? Are there other things I could use this for to help make me a better player? For the rotational macros…how does the dps compare to someone doing the rotation completely manually but correctly? Thanks, and sorry if this stuff has been answered a thousand times. If this is something that can work for me, I could possibly create some pretty sick macros for people in my situation.

It varies too much between players, some of the macro’s do very well in Mythic so i’d suggest just giving it a try and see if it helps you.

As it’s an addon you can always disable but yes, this addon does put your rotation onto one button pretty much


At the end of the day you can with enough time and patience tune your macro to give you 95%+ of your simmed dps. It’s all about tailoring the macro to your gear and play style and tinkering to match. Macros are extremely gear dependant and also about how much you want to min/max with manual import ( eg do you want your cool-downs to go off or do you want to manually control them etc)

Getting a macro from here that you havnt written will give you approx 50% of your dps. The rest comes from you making that your own. Do a bunch of testing, make a change, do the same testing and compare the results. The repeat with another change. When you change a piece of gear you are back up testing again.


Hi @mcmuffin,

Some of the top players/guilds have been using GSE for years.

As Timothy says, is just a matter of personal tune-up, there is a slight learning curve just like anything in life. But once you get the hang of it, is hard to go back as you can have more brain bandwidth during the intense fights :slight_smile:

Did someone recommend GSE to you or just found it on Curse?


I honestly just heard someone memeing about it in a team liquid kill video as they were making fun of how much someone was spamming their keyboard. They joked about him using AHK so I looked that up, and that led me to find out about GSE

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