Abandon All Quests Macro

From Icy Veins
If you have a ton of alts, you will definitely appreciate a macro that removes all quests from your quest log with the single click of a button.

Scholle_0 created a macro that easily removes all quests from your quest log! It’s handy if you have many alts and want to have an empty quest log before heading into the Shadowlands.

Type /m in the chat window, create a new macro and paste the following code.

/run for i=1,C_QuestLog.GetNumQuestLogEntries() do C_QuestLog.SetSelectedQuest(C_QuestLog.GetInfo(i).questID); C_QuestLog.SetAbandonQuest(); C_QuestLog.AbandonQuest() end;

Save the macro, press the button, and voila!

The author also created an addon called Abandon All Quests if you don’t want to use any macros!

Source: Reddit