Abilities double casting

I’m trying to make a simple macro that alternates between two abilities, one of these abilities is Tiger Palm, which uses energy and generates chi. The other ability is Blackout Kick which requires chi to cast.

Ive tried to make a /castsequence macro, but if I run out of chi and Blackout Kick is next, it wont proceed and that’s no good.

When I try to put one or even both of these in the macro on separate lines with /cast, it will do 2 or so Tiger Palms and 2 or so Blackout Kicks, it never fully alternates one after the other, and this is a big issue with my monk because he requires that the same abilities don’t be cast one after another.

Is it possible to make a macro that will alternate perfectly? and without getting hung up if there is no resource for an ability?

Because as of right now this doesn’t seem possible, even though I would have thought having the abilities on separate lines would make it so it alternates between the two abilities without repeats.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’m pretty sure that the way others have handled this in the past is something like this:

/castsequence reset=combat Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick
/castsequence reset=combat Blackout Kick, Tiger Palm

You may get a double Tiger Palm cast when you do not have enough Chi to cast Blackout Kick, thus wiping your stacks, but it should not hang.

I appreciate the help Darkonius, but unfortunately it works for about maybe 10 seconds, then it hangs up.

I just cant seem to find a way to make it so it never repeats a Tiger Palm or a Blackout Kick, all while not getting hung up if there is no chi to cast Blackout Kick even if its what is next in the sequence. I just cant afford losing the Hit Combo buff that comes from never repeating an ability one after another.

try listing in this order
/cast blackout kick
/cast Tiger palm

reason is, the way the macro orders things is top of the list down and putting resource builder before spenders
will result in just spamming the builder as they often have no CD and are instant

reversing the order will have the macro skip blackout kick and move strait to Tiger Palm if it cant cast blackout kick, but will cast the kick over palm when it can.

Thanks John
but unfortunately it starts to cast too many Blackout Kicks in a row

What you can do is add a modifier like:

/cast [mod:ctrl] Tiger Palm

/cast [mod:shift] Tiger Palm

/cast [mod:alt] Tiger Palm

Then the next line down, do as Dark suggested with:

/cast Blackout Kick

You would need to keep an eye out on your stack-building and let go of the modifier when you have enough Chi built up; the macro will then skip over TP and go right into your BK.

this is how you go :
/castsequence reset=1.5 Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick