Add-On Plugin r10 + Weekly Update

Between school, vacation and the illness I just recover from, I finally have been able to work on some needed updates and have included a few new macros to the site and the add-on plugin.
The site has some new social features for people that register or “connect with” and these can be found at the top of the site once you are logged in. Now you can update your profile, avatars, create groups and even have private conversations with other members from WoW Lazy Macros.
I have been browsing the net trying to put together macros to create a database and most websites that I found for macros in WoW are abandoned and have not been updated since a few expansions ago. It is sad that some of them do not offer anything but links to products they are trying to sell.
I will be adding some macros that some of you already have been using for quite some time, but some people might not have them yet and they probably would benefit from them. Youtube videos are also in the making for demonstration purposes.

I would like to thank everyone for sharing this website with friends, family and guildmates.
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The following are changes to the add-on plugin:


  • Elemental Shaman: Replaced Fire Nova with Chain Lightning for the modifier, Chain Lightning is the primary AoE.
  • Combat Rogue: Included the new Combat Multiple Modifiers lazy macro.
  • Protection Paladin: Included the new Protection 2 Buttons lazy macro version.
  • Priest: Included Multi-form buffs and Multi-Dot macros.
  • Unholy Death Knight: Removed Death Strike from the castsequence for a better rotation and increase in DPS. Also added Empower Rune Weapon and “/use” for the upper trinket slot.
  • Changed TOC to current patch and plugin version.