Add Slow to a pvp macro?

As per the title, Im looking for a way to add slow to a macro i use in pvp. Ive tried but it seems to just spam the slow over and over and not cast the rest of the macro. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If you want help - you might want to look at the information you are providing. Without context, there is no way to tell why your macro would be casting slow over and over. It may come as a shock but telepathy isn’t a thing.

Yea too much Jack Daniels in my system when typed this message. I was able to get it to work ( it helps if you actually spam the macro button instead of the button where the slow is located). Perfect response from one of the old guys at the top of the stage on the Muppets :wink: All jokes aside thanks for all you do!

THey are my role models in life - they had all the funniest lines!

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