Adding an In-Game Interface For Macro Toggling?


I was hoping to receive some help from those of you who may know how to accomplish this. Essentially, I want to put text or an icon or some sort of indicator onto my screen to show when I have my macro toggled on. I’ve been using the common method of an AHK script tied to a key such as Ctrl which when pressed, spams my GSE actionbar macro at a regular interval.

The issue is that sometimes I mistakenly don’t press the key all the way and it will then auto select an enemy and pull them which can be very undesirable as you can imagine. I have some basic Weak Auras knowledge so I assumed something like that may accomplish this if I can figure out how to make Weak Auras somehow register every time I press my Ctrl key.

Weak Auras of course is not the solution I’m solely looking for. Any solution to help me out by displaying a visual representation that my macro is on or off is what I’m looking for.

Thanks in advance!


Long Answer: GSE has no way to tell that you are using a toggle as these are actions performed outside the game. If you use AHK or a programmable Keyboard to press the keys, WOW cant tell this. WOW and hence GSE only sees the individual click actions these toggles generate. Unless the thing you use includes an overlay option, which I don’t know of any that do, you are out of luck. You might be able to program a chroma keyboard to flash the key when its active but even that I don’t know IF or HOW it is possible.

GSE can only act on events that trigger WOW’s API. This stuff is not part of the WOW API hence GSE nor any addon (WeakAUra’s, TellMeWHen, etc) can act on it.

Best Solution: Change to Hold repeats rather than toggles. At least then while you are pressing the key you know its active.

Good news I found a was to accomplish this and have it working on wow classic

if you or anyone interested, let me know and I’ll share my steps on how to do it

I go this working via a Razor Tartarus Gamepad > the software Synapse offers the ability to repeat a key, to execute until pressed again
I create a macro for it that pressed a letter with a 0.90s delay
Bind this to the gamepad
Simply edit the GSSE macro

So when the gamepad presses the button bound to my actionbar which is the GSSE macro
the macro calls forth a weakaura, which triggers an aura on screen
thus I can see if my lazy auto repeat is turned on

i mash many buttons and often by mistake turn on the auto repeat macro key bound to my gamepad and not aware its running

this now clearly shows me on screen if its on or off

works great

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 18.05.19
First to do is open up your game pad software and create a macro and add a delay
this macro presses the button ;
it can be whatever u want but i recommend a free keyboard ya dont use to use as u will bind it

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on my game pad I map the macro - this macro simply presses the keyboard ;
adds a delay of .90s to it , you can change this but i dont recommend making it too fast,
you want it so u can enter a command if needed while its spamming that keyboard bind

I hve set the macro so it runs until it press that button again, an on and off

Next step, inside of wow you must join a random chat channel and i’ll explain why

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make note of what channel number it is…you can hide it for now and u dont want to see it spamming but dont spam a channel others are in

now open /macro
and edit the GSSE macro you have

mine is called SPAM
at the very end add
/7 ;

so each time this gsse macro runs it will send a message to channel 7 with the letter ;

the same letter for the macro u are binding

place the macro on yout action bar
i use dominos
bind that action bar to the keyboard shortcut ;

note you can use any i chose ; because its something i never use in chat

now open Weak auras

You are now going to make new aura, select a premade template called Texture
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Give it a name
On the display tab > choose which texture
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!sorry new users can only post one image error msg

once you have the one you like, you make changes on this tab as to how it reacts n such

ok here is how to make the aura appear when you are spamming your keyboard over and over
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On show > select chat message > channel > 7
7 is the channel you joined so this number has to match or exist
if chat channel 7 does not exist it wont work, so when u logon to wow, make sure that channel exists or which ever one you joined

Than for message > ;

so its loking for a meesage you are sending to the channel and as long as it matches the exact letter you are sending it will work

my goal was,when i press the button on my razor gamepad
it repeats the ;
when is bound to an action bar
which has the GSSE macro on it
which at end, has /7 ;
this sends a chat message to that channel
weakauras monitors that channel and when it sees ; > it causes it to display the texture

this way if you press it by accident, you’lkl now you are spamming your lazy macro button

I use this lazy button for farming

i presse my button on the game pad, and it just kills all my mobs and all i do is move my toon to next mob, cuz its a warrior it sometimes charges to next mob making it even easier

farming has become easy

but in a raid if i see the aura appear i know right away i need to turn it off so this is super handy

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here you can see the texture reacting to the macro bound to my action bar called Spam
the spam button will flicker but its so hard to see it being spammed, insteas the aura around my warrior makes it very obvious

you can also add sounds if you like
hope this has helped

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