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I was wondering about something I’ve noticed a lot, whether macros with castsequence go wrong. i often see that they skip spells or don’t do the sequence written. i’ve noticed that lines written with
/cast single spell go much better.
can you tell me if you think this is the case as well?

another thing i notice often, is seeing very long macros and i don’t understand why , absurdly the longer it is the more erroneous it will be and difficult that addon will run it perfect or not?

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There are a lot of differences between a castsequence and a GSE template.

A castsequence has to be perfect. The way Blizzard wrote the function is that it can only move on to the next step of the previous one worked. It can get hung up on things like the player needing 3 holy power to use an ability and only having 2.

GSE is blind. It cannot tell success of an action or failure. It also cannot tell how much mana or combo points or the health of the target. Every click it just sends a bunch of commands to Blizzard to execute and moves on to the next part and waits for the next click. What this allows you to do is to try to see if something is available or not but just sending the command. If you are spamming the button you can use the failure window to try to execute, then try to slam and not get hung up because execute didn’t work. In essence you are using failure to your advantage. It requires you to think differently than in a straight linear line and requires more clicks. GSE can use loops with mathematical probability to simulate priority. Ie try x 5 times to y’s 1.

This is a very generalised answer searching the surface but I hope it gives you some insight.