Adienhance - 9.0.1 Enhancement Shaman

Hey friends, this is my first macro I’m currently using in beta.
I tried my best to institute the changes to Enhance, making sure everything is firing correctly.
I’m sure I did a few things wrong but it seems to work well soloing in SL (54 atm after the recent wipe).
Please let me know what I can do better!

Talents: 3232211

CTRL - Lightning Bolt on Proc
ALT - Chain Lightning on Proc
SHIFT - Healing Surge

Feral Lunge
Vesper Totem
Windfury Totem
Feral Spirit

Sequence (Priority List)
Crash Lightning
Elemental Blast
Lava Lash
Frost Shock

70ms on Synapse Macro



Talents: 3232211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.01-beta1-shadowlands.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Feral Lunge, Windfury Totem, Vesper Totem, Feral Spirit

KeyPress: Healing Surge, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning

Main Sequence: Elemental Blast, Stormstrike, Frost Shock, Crash Lightning, Lava Lash

KeyRelease: Ghost Wolf

Slow your macro down. 10ms = 100 clicks a second and 150 clicks per GCD. What that means practically is that GSE spins up to 150 lines between actions. Its not going to go line 1, line 4, at that speed its going line 1, pick a random line, pick a random line…

This has 2 effects - your macro is doing “something” but you have no idea what and second at that speed you are waving a flag at Blizzard saying “Please Ban me I’m breaking the TOS”

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Thanks for the advice Tim, I went ahead and parsed it this morning (actually I was set at 20ms, not 10ms). This is without manually proccing the lightning bolt btw, lvl 54 on a lvl 54 dummy.

10ms - 1.1k dps
20ms - 1.2k dps
40ms - 1.1k dps
50ms - 1.1k dps
60ms - 1.2k dps
70ms - 1.2k dps
80ms - 1.0k dps

Honestly I would be looking at 100, 125, 200, 250 kind of numbers to be honest. If you look at the masterclass from the other week I break down exactly how MS relates to your macro. The short version is that the slower your MS the more you can identify what your macro is doing and the easier it is to troubleshoot and tune to min/max your dps.

If you take your MS and divide it by 1500 - that is how many lines of your macro are skipped between each firing ability. Even at 70ms that’s still in the 40 line range. If you had a 10 line macro that thing is running from beginning to end 4 times before your next ability.

For now, I’ll enjoy playing the beta. Once we hit prepatch, we’ll get better stats as to how it should model against Raidbots and I’ll make the necessary changes. I’m all in on checking every ms standpoint but would rather model it with better data. I’m merely a hack at this stuff, trying to learn from what I see in macros that have worked well (up to 4 bosses down in mythic using GS :)).

I’m hoping someone takes this and runs with it, but I’m also interested in learning how to make it better. I do like to parse and compare to Raidbots, could do that all day. Thanks for your input Tim, it’s much appreciated.

OMG, hello there @Fredgarvin

I think you are forgetin the MOST important thing in shamans right now in the beta , and that is FLAME SHOCK.

Thats why your dps its very LOW ( FYI every class now, has its own tab with its own class fantasies abilites APART from YOUR SPEC ONE ).

My suggestion is to redo it properly! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you sir. I was running Hailstorm, hence that’s why I run Frost Shock.
I tried Flame Shock with Fire Nova, 1.1k (slightly lower).

Also, I’m not proccing Lightning Bolt when I parse. I let it run for 4 mins unattended. When I play, I proc either LB or CL depending on the fight. I’ll play around with more specs later today.

Hello again.

Im telling you that whatever talents you choose, flame shock its a must you missing from 100 dps to 1000.

Forget about lightning bolt not proccing ( even chain lightning ) if youre not stacking ALL the posible procs from maelstrom ( flame shock does help on that ).

Flame Shock > Frost Shock > Lightning Bolt

I hear ya pal, I’ll work on it.

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lol u cant use both flame and frost bro if u play beta u must know about the change on enhancement ^^ is one or the other if u build hailstorm and use frost shock u cant use flame stop flaming ppls pls he is doing good as he is he will improve the way he thinks would be good if u dont like do ur own and prove he is wrong stop telling just the same thing everytime… ty

edit: on ur macro u didnt even put flameshock why are u talking about it then?

@lloskka this is ur macro in 1 min pull
@Fredgarvin this is urs 1 min pull
Both with 105ms

far better @Fredgarvin still need work to be stable CTRL mod doesnt work well for me never casted LB w/o me pressing it ( i personally prefer half macro like for cd’s or sorta to build in this case mael weapon and main spell to be casted by player like LB CL FS covenant skill is better for DPS)
This is on what im working atm but u must press the LB>FS or CL>FS combo urself talents:2132132 i use it both ST and AOE the only thing change is CL or LB

Hello there @Costel_Isac

First of all, dont dare to say i am flaming people, always giving advice and helping people on the forum… so if you think im flamin users PITY you.

Now on to the meat:

Sorry to say, but im not trusting AT ALL the screenshots you have provided ( even when at most you are in burst phase )

This is not a race for who is the best at doing this, but next time and FYI ( maybe you are new, or not posting frequently ) u need to test a MINIMUM OF 5 MINUTES to have an average result.

Let the people judge which one is working better for their situational needs.

  1. Cast Windfury Totem if not currently active.
  2. Cast Lightning Bolt if at 8 stacks or more of Maelstrom Weapon. <— U CAN SKIP THIS STEP IF UNDER <8 STACKS
  3. Apply Flame Shock if it isn’t currently active. <— ALWAYS
  4. Cast Stormstrike. <— TOP PRIO SMACK KEY
  5. Cast Feral Spirit. <— SITUATIONAL ON COMBAT OR NOT (
  6. Cast Flame Shock if it has less than 5 seconds remaining. <— REMEMBER THIS AND FROST SHOCK SHARES GCD
  8. Cast Lava Lash. <— U CAN ALTERNATE BETWEEN 8 & 9 STEP
  9. Cast Crash Lightning.
  10. Cast Lightning Bolt if you have at least 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon and nothing else ready.
  11. Refresh Windfury Totem if nothing else is available.


u are free to not trust my screen its up to u i can waste 10 mins of my life if u want that badly to see ur is doing less ^^ np but u answering to times with flameshock saying it change from 100 to 1000 dps is just bullshit not helping when ur macro dont even have it in it … wait for the screen

@Fredgarvin ur cast too much windfury totem ^^
@lloskka urs is not working that all i did it with more ms that i would like tryed like u said with 105ms but did 1.1k dps this is with 200ms but is not nealry as good as the other and flameshock need to be placed personally ^^

To wrap this UP, first you need to properly read threads, and learn how to import macros.

So sir, u have been owned.

I wont answer more questions

eats popcorn patiently

i tested all macro of enhancement shaman, it is the best macro.