TLDR: Update your Weakauras and macros!

Macros are updated on each Specialization’s post.

Hello everyone,

  • I have arduously and painstaking made MASSIVE design updates to ALL of my existing weakauras AND macros. This took me several days/weeks and a piece of my sanity!

  • If you notice anything missing, wrong, or broken, please be the one to let me know! :smile:

Weakauras Changes (Wago Profile)

Both macros and weakauras are accessible on each Specialization’s post.

Font Styles

  • I carefully chose fonts that come default with the game so that every install looks as I intended, regarless of external media.
  • Each class has a unique style.

Primary Display

  • Screenshot 2024-05-27 110147Screenshot 2024-05-27 110051Screenshot 2024-05-27 105830Screenshot 2024-05-27 105745
    Screenshot 2024-05-27 105700Screenshot 2024-05-27 105631Screenshot 2024-05-27 105608Screenshot 2024-05-27 105459
  • New border style (+ class color), removed glow, removed animation.

Utility HUD

  • image
  • Merged Defensive and Offensive HUDs into one “Utility HUD”
  • Automatically detects and displays your Keybindings! :open_mouth: :exploding_head:
  • Icon and layout overhaul
  • Removed Defensive and Offensive HUDs

Large Progress Bars

  • image
  • Changed from text and coundown numbers to a progress bar for all systems.
  • Displays major buffs that you should be aware of.

Small Progress Bars

  • image
  • Displays minor buffs/cooldowns that you should be aware of.

GSE Changes:

  • Added mounting capabilities to all macros. Click here for more information.
  • In an effort to avoid accidental ‘locking on and pulling’ in dungeons (usually after combat ends), I’ve added a “Combat Initiation” Buttons to most classes (mainly casters). Now, pressing SHIFT will start combat for you.
  • Restructured some Specialization’s macros, please let me know of any issues!

Please be aware:

I went in and touched basically every little thing in each WA. I tried to be careful but if I broke something or if you want to see something added, I can make it happen! It’s not difficult for me! I just need to know!


If you are feeling generous, consider supporting my work on my Buy Me a Coffee page! Thank you! :grin::+1:

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gotta say these look great cant wait for new macros i know they take a while so no rush ofc. but ur fueling my altaholism c:
also i dont see a link to your wago page might help people find your WAs better

I’m happy you like the aesthetic. Being one spec away from 1 for every class, I wanted to settle on a design before progressing.

All of the macros and WAs are updated on the spec pages but I did go ahead and add my wago.io page to the post :+1:

Your wago link shows no macros btw

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The wago link is the Weakauras only! I updated the macros on each individual Specialization post. I’ll update to make it a bit clearer :+1:

That was my failure not yours, I knew what you meant - I should have said it had no WA’s :smiley:

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Odd, they are showing for me. I changed hyperlink address, hope that helps. The Weakaura link on the original post should work for you as well. :+1:

So weirdly, it looks like a Mac Issue - I can’t see them when I goto the page on my Mac - on my Windows PC they work fine! :person_shrugging:

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