🔥 Aerrek's FIRE Combat System || [MOD]ifier Macro w/ Usage Weakaura! || Level, M+, PvP, Raid || 10.2.7 • 05MAY24

:exclamation: Important:

  • My combat systems are designed to maintain maximum specialization effectiveness by incorporating [mod]ifier casts for events like procs, DoTs, and major defensive & offensive casts. They require you to use my highly developed Weakauras.
  • I have integrated the power of GSE and Weakauras to provide you with a highly competent gameplay experience.
  • I use an array of [known:xxxxx] conditionals to alter GSE sequencing; ensuring maximum effectiveness based on your talent selections.
  • I reference Icy Veins, WoW Head, & Method.gg to ensure maximum class utility.

:exclamation: How to play your character with a single mouse button:

:tv: Video Tutorial

    1. Bind an unused mouse button to an unused keyboard key (I use ‘Num +’).
    1. Enable auto click on your mouse button (this now auto clicks on your key bind).
    1. Bind four unused action bar buttons to the keyboard key you bound to your mouse; one for the unmodified key, and three for each modifier (NOMOD, SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT). See image…
    1. Drag and drop my macro to each key. This enables use of all modifiers on a single mouse button. See image…


Screenshot 2024-04-05 190830Screenshot 2024-04-05 190740Screenshot 2024-04-05 191037Screenshot 2024-04-05 190855

GSE Macro Usage Information:

  • SHIFT: Pyroblast
  • CTRL: Flamestrike, Meteor
  • ALT: Combustion, Mirror Image

Weakaura Usage Information:

// Primary Display:

  • Follow the On-Screen [MOD]ifier Prompts Provided by Weakaura!
  • Some Casts will require you to know your action keys!
  • Reference ‘Triggers’ for rotation priority or ask (comment) below! :slight_smile:

// Animation HUDs:

  • How to Disable or Enable: Core > Animation HUD > Group > ‘Load’ Tab > :white_check_mark: Never.
  • Change [KB] to your key binds, or remove text entirely, if you prefer.

// Cursor Cast HUD

  • Visually indicates when to aim your cursor for targeted spells and talents.

Recommended Basic Macros:

// Blink
/cast Blink

// Ice Block
/use Ice Block

// Polymorph
/use [@mousoever,exists][]Polymorph(Sheep)


:star: Weakaura
:exclamation: Use the Weakaura client! I make updates often!
:star: GSE Macro (:white_check_mark: Ready for all of your talent choices):



If you are feeling generous, consider supporting my work on my Buy Me a Coffee page! Thank you! :grin::+1:

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Damn! it looking nice!

I’ll gonna try it later :slight_smile:

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Let me know what you think! I put a lot of hours into it :sweat_smile:

I really like your idea. But in wow, seems we can’t bind the ctrl/alt/shift keys, how can you do it? thanks

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Hey Ping,

Near the top of the post I’ve explained how I’ve achieved this, “How to play your character with a single mouse button”. It will require you to have an unbound mouse button and four empty action keys. (It could be Middle Click, although that seems uncomfortable.)

Basically, you’ll bind your mouse to a keyboard key, then the keyboard key action bar slots with modifiers.

Let me known if you have any further questions! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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I got it, thank you. I will give it a try

Good work. I am currently using it. Thanks man.

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Happy it’s working out for you, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any suggestions!

hello im new to fire mage an struggling is i saw this macro an have been trying to get it to work but cannot figure out how to bind the keys or find the macros other then the one with mass shield on it would it be possible for a short video of some kind on the matter


I have a video! I didn’t get around to updating this post yet. You can find the link near the top of the post!

i just checked out the video i also use a razer mouse is it possible for u to add ur profile to this im still struggling with the mouse setup currently my mouse constantly clicks Num+ an i cant figure it out still im sorry

as always love your work and this macro made we play my mage again but the WA spams stop casting and says exampl e now and again

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@robadabobada thanks for letting me know.

Hmm weird, my version has MG_STOP CAST set to load “Never”. If you see this not checked “Never” (on the load tab) go ahead and check it or update the weakaura.

EDIT: It looks like I did some work to this WA and forget to update the post. Updated now :+1:

Hello, loving the macro so far, just having an issue when I use the slow talent it just keeps spaming it any ideas ?

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Hey @Pickles,

The default macro casts slow at your target every time you switch targets.
*This is in the PRE variable

You can remove this line or try these other reset conditionals:

reset=combat (Slows your first target at the start of combat)
reset=1 (Apply Slow if you stopped using the macro for 1 sec)
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Sorry for the last response. I can’t share profile but here is a screenshot :+1:

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bro can you make tutorial how to do that macro for mouse :smiley:

There’s a video link near the top of the post but here is a screenshot of my razer synapse

i try to do that in razer synapse but its not working at all. do i need to have razer keyboard too?

I don’t have a razer keyboard, here’s a larger screenshot, maybe it has some information that may be more helpful :+1:

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