Affliction Macro with Haunt talent will pay

I am trying to get a macro for raiding that uses haunt talent. I use these due to a disability and could really use the help will pay for a good one and aoe.

Hi mate.
Try this macro and let me know if is good for you.
Talent 2131311
Haste with buff in raid has to be about 40%.

 '/castsequence [nochanneling] !Dark Soul: Misery',
 '/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=combat !howl of terror,!Soulburn',
 '/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=combat !Haunt',
 '/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target Corruption,Agony,Unstable Affliction,Drain Soul,Drain Soul,Drain Soul',


Made one for you.

For my macro above, if you take the talent Soulburn:Haunt, put it on its own key. You wouldn’t want to fire it off all the time anyway.

If you want decent Affliction AoE your options are limited. The other specs do it better. However, here’s how I do it.
2 to 3 targets: Standard rotation, tab, standard rotation, tab, standard rotation…repeat until dead.
4+ targets: Either talent into Cataclysm or lead with Soulburn and Seed of Corruption. Cataclysm will do way more damage both initially and over time, but has a 1 minute CD. A Soulburned SoC will at least spread Corruption everywhere. After choosing your opening, do your standard rotation on a target likely to survive for a while until Corruption is about to drop on all the other mobs. Then repeat Soulburn/SoC.

is it more work single boss go affliction and trash Destro? if so do you have an aoe destro script i will try this one after I have been away for a bit sorry for the late response