Affliction Vile Taint build 8.0 BFA - WIP

Trying to get this spell rotation to work in 8.0.1, it is from Acclonn’s 8.0 Affliction vid on youtube.

If someone can help me figure out why it just does the pre-macro and nothing further I would appreciate it. I also can’t get it to export so I have it broken down by section.

How it works:
After the initial dots, it spams 3 shadow bolts to activate Shadow Embrace to get the 9% damage increase. The Darkglare comes out after the UAs to get the most dmg possible. Deathbolt hits after another Shadow Embrace refresh and then Vile Taint blasts at the end. The post macro is to refresh the dots. Once I get it working I intend to tweak the spells to keep dots up and the timing.

Talents: 3113312

/use Lightforged Augment Rune
/use Potion of Prolonged Power
/castsequence reset=combat/target/5 Agony, Corruption

/cast Shadow Bolt
/cast Shadow Bolt
/cast Shadow Bolt
/cast Unstable Affliction
/cast Unstable Affliction
/cast Unstable Affliction
/cast Unstable Affliction
/cast Summon Darkglare
/cast Shadow Bolt
/cast Shadow Bolt
/cast Shadow Bolt
/cast Vile Taint

/castsequence Agony, Corruption

Figured out why I couldn’t export. ElvUI seems to conflict with the buttons on GSE’s interface. I can’t create icons either unless I disable Elv.

Here is the export of the above.


I’m showing the import as having the pre-macro in keypress, so initially it just kept casting agony and corruption.

Yes that is the problem I am having. What am I doing wrong that it wont go to the next section of the macro?

So I have removed the castsequence from the keypress portion and added to the main body macro, this lets me go through the macro somewhat, but it wont cast Deathbolt or Vile Taint. Since VT is a target area, I tried the /cast @target and it still doesn’t do it.

Update 3: I have moved the Agony and Corruption opener castsequence to the main body, this works better but the macro is not resetting, so I gave it a reset=5 but it doesn’t seem to work. I would like each of the castsequences to reset the macro if nothing is pressed for 5 seconds. My thinking is if I were to have to react to boss mechanics it would reset back to the beginning since I will most likely have to reapply dots to get the full affect. I also noticed I left out Deathbolt so I added that back in. I also noticed since VT and Deathbolt are not currently going off spamming the key only uses up your shards by re-applying UA and then shadow bolts until you have a shard. I would like it the macro to reset if I cannot cast Deathbolt or VT or just skip them all together and continue with the macro. I also added a reset=2 in the post macro portion to see if I can get it to reset the macro for starting over.

I am not knowledgeable at all with GSE. I used it for most of Legion with no problems. I had found good macros here and made some tweaks. I didn’t expect the patch to require all my mods be re-installed so I couldn’t save anything and just make edits for the new builds. I would like to give back and help others with a decent DPS macro, since this forum did good for me with all my characters. Feedback is greatly appreciated!