Affliction warlock macros?

Is anyone here using an affliction macro that they havent posted to site? If so could you please post it? I loved affliction warlock but have been forced to be destro for the longest due to lack of macros. If there is any other place I can find the macros besides this site pls inbox me to let me know ( dont want to be disrespectful of this community by linking other sites). Thanks in advance.

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Agreed I have to fall back to destro for both specs and it get boring

Why dont u both use the ones that exist in this forum. I use the one that was first created by Adam-Kolish and then just enhanced abit by Jack lower down in the thread. AFF AIO - V.1 09/05/2018 - #8 by Jack
I sim 30143 DPS and my damage output on a dummy without using any buffs or the Troll Racial that i have is 26130 on a 10 million damage. Thats like 87%, only 13% from perfect rotation so i say its pretty damn good for Affli.
My gear is 450 with kinda lame azerite Traits and stats is Haste:22%, Mastery:52%, Crit:16%, Vers:12%
I use 70MS.
I really like this Macro and it works for us Lazy ppl.
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i will have to check that out

I tried the macro but cant get to the one enhanced by Jack because it has been deleted. With the macro posted at the top I averaged 33k dps in a 5 million dmg test…ilvl 469…my azerite traits are set for destro so maybe that could be the prob…macro runs smooth though just dmg seems kinda low.


This is the one in the thread i use, its not deleted.
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