AHK ban?

The only thing that I use outside of wow that interacts with wow other than addons from twitch is AHK. I was banned for 6 months for botting. They would not confirm nor deny the ban had anything to do with AHK nor would they confirm any details about it. They just simply said they would not unban me. Just wanted to share this with you guys so you could be aware.


What does your AHK look like in the script? Any advanced stuff that makes it do more than just repeat 1 button?
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I used hadronox’s ahk’s just the hold down one that I had to be pushing the button.

anyone else? i have been using mine and nothing yet. normally when they do bans on certain program it goes out to the masses, not just 1 user

Usually when AHK bans go out, it impacts a small user-base. Not like a typical bot ban. They target accounts in “bad standing” from previous incidents, and there is usually another reason why they’re flagged (additional software) and-or file tampering such as “morph” applications.

Cool, so we are ok it looks like. I had a friend banned once for 6 Months for using AHK fishbot, not heard of anyone getting banned for spamming a key. Most keyboards and mouse have this functionality built in these days, so would be harse if that was the only reason