AHK for Mac OSX - Working

Hi all, wanted to show my update. using a program called Keyboard Maestro I have replicated my key pad loop function that I was previously using AHK for. effectively you want your macro to look like this and when you hold down 1 it will loop every .75 seconds

This hot key press = 1 (my key)
Execute until conditions are met;
Type the keystroke = 1
Pause of 0.75 seconds
Until all conditions are true = 1 is up.

I can now loop a key press like I would do on my pc but on my mac

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Hi im a Mac user too and just installed keyboard maestro

Can you please do a quick how to set keyboard maestro for your keypad loop?

tried different options but sense its a script you are doing of some kind?

Any help will be most welcome

I would like to know as well. I think I have set it up as you wrote but I might have messed up with Macro Groups and so forth. Is it possible you can share a few screenshots?

By the way I am running an unregistered version. I hope its not too limited to work.

Ok, I was just being a fool with MacOS. Permissions set now :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot of my setup. First Macro Groups. I created one for World of Warcraft:

Macro Group

And the Macro itself. I copied it from the first post. Adjust to your liking:

Macro setup

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Hi - been trying this and the abovementioned configuration is working fine for blasting through the macro, but i don’t seem to be able to use the mod alt, shift and ctr for big CDs (e.g. use Blade Flurry as Rogue Outlaw). the mod alt works fine when I press the macro manually. Have you figured out how to use it with keyboard maestro? Please share your keyboard maestro configuration :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

really old thread… but does this also give you guys lag spikes?