Ahk wow offical

Good afternoon, I wanted to ask on official servers are ahk scripts allowed? thank you all in advance

It’s a grey area but it’s allowed and what speed you run the script(s) at are a concern if it’s too fast.
250 ms is the baseline now and even then you’re still subject to a account ban from Blizzard if mimicking faster than a human that can press a button for a sustained amount of time.

I don’t understand why they get banned yes/no

ahk scripts are automation whitch is against tos

Not true at all. ALL automation, including popular keyboard software such as Logitech, is technically violating TOS. and contrary to belief, NO ms is safe, not 10, not 100, not 250ms.

its simple, people use them with GSE (which have nothing to do with each other) and accept the risk. which admiditly is low.

Yes, technically.

But if you’re safe if you’re not abusing an automated keypresser and not safe like botting, toggling. sub-human speeds, etc.

And people like me with a disability or disabilities rely on programs such as AHK, PunchKey, keyboard and mouse software to help us play the game we all love the right way.

IF Blizzard decides to ban all of us then the WoW population will dwindle even more. More subs= more $$$.

And Tim posted a blue answer from a Dev on here and in Discord saying that “it’s a grey area”, too.

Not quite. It’s totally against the TOS to use AHK in any way. However Blizzard currently evaluated the situation case by case and you are less likely to have action taken against you if you are not toggling or running at superhuman speeds. A GM could be pissed and just ban you irrespective of what speed you are running at.