All Rogue Lazy Macros Updated!

Hello guys! Like I said before, fall is back and so is the university… So back with the rogue news. Thanks to Durnkal for pointing out that the Redirect spell was not working in the Assassination macro and somehow it was locking up in the rotation. Well good news is that I was able to fix the rotation from locking up at all by resetting the castsequence on target and relocated the Redirect spell to be used with a modifier key.

I also added the reset on target to the Combat version. I removed Redirect from the Combat version because there is already a modifier for AoE and was not working before anyway. Feel free of editing to the modifier spell of your preference.

And last but not least is Subtlety. I was able to relocate the Redirect spell to be used with a modifier key. Also for the second version of this macro (Backstab version), since is only to be used when you are behind the target, I modified the ambush to be automatically casted when Shadow Dance is up. Isn’t that great!?

All these fixes and older updates will be included in the next update of the addOn plugin as r9.
I will be spending some time this weekend trying to improve or clean up some other macros.
Have fun with the updates!

Thank you soo much. The macrs provided allow me a fighting chance with those with more time and less distractions from the prime material.